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United Nations hiring Director of Energy Division

Bangkok, Thailand, 15 February 2016


The United Nations are seeking to promote inclusive economic, social and environmental development and support regional cooperation and integration in the Asian and Pacific region. 

The Director of Energy Division reports directly to the Executive Secretary and manages staff of the Division, which supports the work of ESCAP on the issues of energy access, efficiency, technology, environmental impact and connectivity through infrastructural harmonization and fiscal and investment policies related to energy.


Formulates and implements the substantive work programme of the Energy Division. Oversees the management of activities undertaken by the Division, ensures that programmed activities are carried out in a timely fashion and co-ordinates work in the different areas both within the Division and with other Divisions of ESCAP, and with other organizations of the United Nations System, as appropriate. Under the oversight of the Executive Secretary, the Director of Energy Division will be responsible for the following:

  • Leads, supervises and carries out the strategy and work programme of the Energy Division under his/her responsibility. Co-ordinates the work with all relevant Divisions, agencies and bodies of the United Nations system that oversee energy issues; provides programmatic/substantive reviews of the drafts prepared by others.

  • Co-ordinates and oversees the preparation of reports for presentation to intergovernmental bodies such as the Commission and its subsidiary committees, in particular the Committee on Energy and other policy-making organs, as appropriate.

  • Manages the servicing of the Committee on Energy and the preparations for the Asian and Pacific Energy Forum and other bodies.

  • Reports to intergovernmental bodies on budget/programme performance or on programmatic/ substantive issues, as appropriate, particularly those presented in biannual and/or annual reports. 

  • Ensures that the outputs produced by the Division maintain high-quality standards; that reports are clear, objective and based on comprehensive data. Ensures that all outputs produced by the Sections under his/her supervision meet required standards before completion to ensure they comply with the relevant mandates. 

  • Prepares the work programme of the Division, determining priorities, and allocating resources for the completion of outputs and their timely delivery.

  • Undertakes or oversees the programmatic/administrative tasks necessary for the functioning of the Division, including preparation of budgets, reporting on budget/programme performance, evaluation of staff performance (ePerformance), interviews of candidates for job openings, evaluation of candidates and preparation of inputs for results-based budgeting.

  • Recruits staff, taking due account of geographical and gender balance.

  • Manages, guides, develops and trains staff under his/her supervision.

  • Fosters teamwork and communication among staff in the Division and across organizational boundaries.

  • Leads and supervises the organization of meetings, seminars, etc. on substantive issues. Manages the substantive preparation and organization of such meetings or seminars.

  • Participates in international, regional or national meetings and provides programmatic/substantive expertise on an issue, or holds programmatic/substantive and organizational discussions with representatives of other institutions.

  • Represents the Division at international, regional or national meetings.

  • Undertakes other duties at the direction of the Executive Secretary.


Deadline: 4 April 2016

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