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Tender: Study on Serious Road Traffic Injuries in European Union

Belgium, 15 May 2015


The general objective of this study is to collect knowledge and perform analysis that enables later identification of measures for more efficient prevention of serious road traffic injuries.

The specific objective is to provide fact-based analysis on the most common circumstances and types of road traffic crashes leading to serious injuries of MAIS3+ severity.

More specifically, the study should provide information on:

  • For pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and car occupants respectively, what are the most common circumstances of a road traffic crash causing serious road injury? E.g: what vehicles are most commonly involved, what location and situation of the crash, what serious injuries did the crash result in and, to the extent possible to define, how were these injuries inflicted?

  • In this analysis, the information should be provided on the most detailed level possible, e.g. differentiating between the most common serious injury crash scenarios per gender, for different age groups, etc.

  • The assessed shared of serious injury crashes accounted for by each identified most common crash scenario.

  • For the crash types and crash scenarios found to be most common for each road user group, what factors could be found to impact the injury severity grade?


The study covers three main tasks:

  • Data collection and information gathering from existing databases.

  • Quantitative data analysis to identify the most common crash types and crash scenarios for the main road user groups (pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, car occupants).

  • Assessment of factors influencing the severity of injuries in the most common types of crashes identified in task 2.


Submission Deadline: 10 June 2015

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