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UNOPS recruiting Strategic Communications Analyst

Geneva, Switzerland, 16 January 2019

RBM Partnership to End Malaria

The past fifteen years have seen tremendous gains in reducing the burden of disease and progressing towards malaria elimination. Since 2000, global malaria deaths have been cut by more than half, saving 7 million lives, primarily among children less than five years of age. Expansions in financing, strong political commitments, novel diagnostic and preventative measures, and multi-sectoral co-ordination have facilitated this progress.

Since 1998, RBM Partnership to End Malaria has been central to the global fight against malaria. It has been essential to mobilizing these unprecedented resources and scaled up innovative interventions and to put the world onto a path of eliminating malaria. The Partnership is comprised of more than 500 partners committed to end malaria, including malaria endemic countries, their bilateral and multilateral development partners, the private sector, nongovernmental and community-based organizations, foundations, and research and academic institutions.

Despite these gains, malaria still poses a significant threat to public health and sustainable development. WHO report indicates that in 2017, there were 91 countries that reported a total of 219 million cases of malaria cases and 435 000 deaths. Although malaria case incidence has fallen globally since 2010, the rate of decline has stalled and even reversed in some regions since 2014. Worldwide, 11 countries—all but one in sub-Saharan Africa—carry 70% of the global malaria burden.

RBM's Vision is of a world free from the burden of malaria.

The RBM Partnership is based in Geneva and hosted by UNOPS.

Functional Responsibilities

The role works closely with the Strategic Communications Partner Committee (SCPC) Manager to achieve the core objectives and strategic priorities of the Partnership and the Committee.

  • The incumbent will provide effective communications and administrative serviceto the SCPC and RBM Secretariat to help advance delivery of the RBM Partnership results, and in particular SCPC in implementing a coordinated global communications strategy for malaria that engages and reaches partners, decision-makers and influencers to help drive political will and mobilize resources that will accelerate global, regional and national efforts to end malaria.

Ensuring provision of effective communications and administrative service to the SCPC Manager as follows:

  • Ensures an environment of professionalism and teamwork at all times, setting exemplary standards of conduct for RBM office and external partners.

  • Establishment of an effective network and exchange of information with partners and adherence to appropriate protocol and correspondence guidelines when communicating with the partners;

  • Management of SCPC Manager's missions and representation schedule, as well as related travel arrangements

  • Coordinate briefing materials for appointments, meetings and missions, as well as coordinating such requests and taking minutes

  • Complete critical aspects of deliverables with a hands-on approach, that facilitate the SCPC Manager's ability to effectively lead the RBM processes;

  • Organize conference calls for SCPC and follow-up on discussions points when requested

  • Provision of all other related tasks for the RBM Secretariat Team and the Partner Committee as required/needed.

Contributes to effective partner engagement and knowledge sharing, focusing on achievement of the following results:

  • Maintaining and regularly updating the RBM website and assisting Partner Committees and Working Groups in managing their respective sections.

  • Drafting the monthly newsletter and regular SCPC updates.

  • Maintaining and regularly updating RBM social media channels.

  • Maintaining the RBM calendar of events in coordination with RBM Secretariat Team and the Partner Committees.

  • Effectively managing the queries received via general RBM email address and following up with relevant colleagues as may be required.

  • Responsible for maintaining and regularly updating RBM contacts database and distribution lists.

Coordinating the preparation of the SCPC activities, workshops, conferences and other events as follows:

  • Undertake research for SCPC activities and workshops, and drafting of concept notes, reports and other publications

  • Preparation of relevant documents for activities and workshops, in coordination with SCPC Co-chairs and Manager

  • Perform general correspondence with the participants and facilitation of travel if required

  • Contributing to the logistics preparation of the workshop and engage with the suppliers as needed and if required

  • Provision of other related tasks for the preparation of SCPC activities as delegated by the SCPC Co-chairs and Manager

  • Contribute to the organization of events for other Partner Committees if requested

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