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GFA recruiting Brazilian Market Expert

Sao Paulo, Brazil, 16 July 2014

Project Title

European and Latin American Business Services and Innovation Network (ELAN) - Component 1 – Technical Assistance.

Project Description

The overall objective of ELAN of which this project will be a part (Component 1) is to increase and diversify the European Union's economic presence in Latin America. ELAN will support EU SMEs and EU business organisations in their efforts to gather required relevant information on doing business in the countries covered by the project and support advocacy activities.

The purpose of ELAN – Component 1 is to provide up-to-date and comprehensive information on how-to-do business (including information regarding goods, services, Sanitary and Phytosanitary Standards (hereinafter SPS), Intellectual Property Rights (hereinafter IPR), procurement, regulatory and standards issues, investment, legal issues, administrative procedures related to business activities, social laws, taxes, regulatory environment and standards, specific market information, collection of market studies, business opportunities, financing mechanisms, all kind of issues relevant for doing business, data about relevant local business events such as fairs, etc.) in specific Latin American countries for European SMEs interested in entering or expanding in these markets. The above mentioned information will be collected and shared thorough a web information platform  should facilitate market access, highlight opportunities and serve as a basis for advocating in favour of general European business interests. The website platform should connect to existing European business service organisations located in the countries or in the EU (business associations and chambers, trade promotion agencies, European Enterprise Network, other Member States business service structures etc.) and be open for EU SMEs. The network constituted by the above composed by the entities mentioned above should contribute thorough interchange of information and “ask the expert” services to improve penetration market share of European SMEs in Latin America. All business sectors and all related issues will be covered, In addition, it will identify concrete sectors of strategic interests for future European economic activity and highlight opportunities and potential risks (lack of respect of intellectual property rights, red tape, etc.) both at country and regional level, i.e. breaking it down to specific clusters, countries or economic areas.

Job Description

The Key Expert in Brazil shall update continuously the website foreseen by the project and send specific website content contributions to the team leader in English and Portuguese.

Duration: 36 months

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