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ECN goes live in beta version!

16 September 2011

The project started in early 2006 in terms of initial conception, but gained its specific form in late 2009 when Pambos Solomonides and Philip Ammerman decided to launch the business start-up. Detailed technical specifications were drafted in early 2010; detailed design work started in April 2010 and lasted until September 2011.

The project was realised with the cooperation of international software design firms from Cyprus, Romania and India. It is inspired by the theory of the social network, but also by Metcalfe's Law, which states that the power of the network is proportional to the square of the sum of connections between its users.

Through ECN, consultancies, experts, universities, research institutes and other knowledge workers have access to a unique platform for cooperation on procurement, subcontracting, consortia and recruitment. Our intelligence system provides an innovative analytics package for evaluating consultancy expertise and project experience.

ECN will be operating in beta testing mode for 2 weeks. All functions and analytics are available, and free and pay subscription opportunities are in place.

The platform runs on a massive series of linked content management systems with over 450 fields. SQL and Ajax provide the operating backbone. A full set on social media tools, an online advertising platform with analytics, online chat, and automated alerts complete the package.

Pambos Solomonides, looking back at the long process to launch, said: "I'm really thrilled! After a long process, starting from a blank sheet of paper over dinner, we have achieved a state-of-the-art site, offering access to procurement opportunities worth over 3bln euros!"

Philip Ammerman continues: "We are simply thrilled to launch, and are honoured to work with so many leading lights from the EU development business who agree to serve on our Advisory Board, and who have given us the benefit of their experience and reactions over the years."

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