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EU Programme hiring Project Manager of Border Areas Development

Riga, Latvia, 16 October 2014


EU Cross Border Cooperation Programme has been developed by Latvia and Lithuania and its aim is to minimise the impact of the borders on development of the border areas and integrate the societies of the border regions. Programme is financed from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the total European Union funding allocated to the Programme amounts to ca 75 million EUR.

To implement the Programme, the participating countries Latvia and Lithuania have established a joint programme implementation structure consisting of the Managing, Certifying and Audit Authorities (all located in the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of the Republic of Latvia) and a Joint Technical Secretariat (JTS). The JTS is hosted by the State Regional Development Agency of Latvia (www.vraa.gov.lv) and has its office in Riga, Latvia. The JTS team consists of ten international staff members: the Head of the JTS, four Project Managers, two Financial Managers, one Information Manager, one Project Manager – Information Manager and a Programme Assistant. All the JTS staff members are employed in Riga and report directly to the Head of the JTS who reports to the Managing Authority on matters related to the Programme implementation and the State Regional Development Agency on matters related to administrative framework for the JTS operation.

Position to be Recruited

Project Manager of the JTS

Duties of the Project Manager of the JTS

  • to cooperate with the national government institutions of Latvia and Lithuania regarding programme implementation issues;

  • to establish and update procedures for the Programme implementation;

  • to provide consultations, support and information to project managers about implementation, reporting, budget and payment issues;

  • to prepare reports and information about progress of projects and the Programme implementation to the Managing Authority, Certifying Authority, Joint Monitoring and Steering Committee (JMSC) and the European Commission; 

  • to take part in preparation of the JMSC meetings and ensuring their proceedings; to prepare the JMSC decisions and ensure their implementation; upon necessity prepare and ensure carrying out of written procedure for decision making;

  • to monitor project implementation; review progress reports; process requests for changes; contact Lead Partners and project partners with clarification requests, provide advice; visit projects and monitor projects’ activities on the spot;

  • to cooperate with the Financial and Information Managers on project monitoring issues in their field of competence;

  • to cooperate with institutions responsible for the first level controls in Latvia and Lithuania;

  • to ensure entering of all necessary projects and the Programme related information in the Programme management database; regularly update the database with the latest information;

  • to ensure closure of the EU Cross Border Cooperation Programme;

  • to participate and provide methodological support for preparatory work of the EU Cross Border Cooperation Programme 2014-2020.

The position requires frequent travelling. 

Deadline: 20 October 2014

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