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Tender: Coordinating and Managing the Media Outreach of the Global Meeting

Turkey, 16 October 2015


United Nations, in partnership with the Turkish Government – Ministry of Family and Social Affairs, are organizing the global meeting on Ending Violence against Women: Building on Progress to Accelerate Change, in Istanbul, Turkey from 9-10 December 2015. The global meeting, hosted by the Government of Turkey, is organized as part of the Beijing+20 Review global events but focuses on addressing the critical area of Ending Violence against Women of the Beijing Platform for Action and will be held during 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, a global campaign that calls for the elimination of gender-based violence. It will bring together representatives from governments, CSOs, international organizations, leading experts and other key stakeholders with the aim to: review progress made so far, identify challenges encountered and share best practices from different parts of the world in preventing and responding to violence against women, and renew global political commitment for ending violence against women and girls in light of the agreed 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The outcomes of the global meeting will benefit global efforts to address violence against women and girls.

Bringing together representatives from all regions of the world, the global meeting will garner strong participation from governments, regional organizations, UN Agencies, donor community, representatives from NGOs and academia. In total, approximately 150 national and political leaders – including high-level governmental representatives from the ministry level or directly below, technical experts, women’s organizations, UN agencies, and other partners such as the EU and the Council of Europe will participate in the meeting.

The global meeting will be designed to cover the following themes: “What are the key areas where new and concerted policy measures and interventions are necessary to make accelerated progress in addressing violence against women and girls?”; “What are the strategies and new actions necessary to overcome structural and emerging challenges, and strengthen the implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action in addressing VAW?”; and “How best to ensure that the post-2015 development framework will be effectively addressing  violence against women and harmful practices of gender inequality?”. The meeting will include panel sessions of invited experts addressing core topics, guided discussions, World Café style technical sessions on forward-looking approaches, and stakeholder statements on commitments.

United Nations are hiring a Media/PR Company that would coordinate and manage the media relations and outreach of the global meeting in Turkey or at regional and/or global level in the preparation, organization, and follow-up phases of the meeting.

Scope of Work and Responsibilities

Under the direct supervision of United Nations, the Media/PR Company will play a crucial role in leading the media outreach and communications related activities, ensuring:

  • quality positioning of the global meeting and its content on ending violence against women in top national and international print, broadcast and web media outlets as key issues of concern;

  • maximum visibility for the global meeting, for the Executive Directors of United Nations, while enhancing understanding and awareness of key global priorities on ending violence against women and gender equality issues and concerns;

  • ensuring top level and quality journalists’  attendance to the global meeting and to all the relevant, related media events linked to the meeting;

with specific responsibilities as outlined below:

Preparatory phase:

  • Prepare a media strategy and outreach plan for the meeting which should include outreach to top local and international media outlets, social media outreach, and other initiatives to build interest in the lead-up to the meeting.

  • Provide targeted list of media outlets and journalists who will be targeted by the PR firm for the meeting.

  • Prepare press packets, as well as other materials relevant to the media and journalists identified during the communications strategy drafting phase.

  • Sell the news of the conference and its key messages and content to major local and global media outlets working in print, broadcast and web in advance of the meeting. Pitch stories to the press to garner long-length features, interviews, as well as news coverage of the conference using its key messages and data in the lead up to the meeting ensuring its wide outreach in the media.

  • Assist United Nations in securing special guests/moderators/hosts from the media industry such as top TV hosts or top journalists etc, to participate in the meeting.

  • Draft press releases, media advisories and op-eds in preparation of the meeting.

  • Disseminate the press releases and media advisories widely in the local and international media.

  • Draft a joint op-ed by the EDs of United Nations, to be placed in a major US or European publication during the week leading up to the conference, highlighting the importance of the conference.

  • Coordinate the Press Conference that would take place at the global meeting and ensure a wide range of participation of local and international journalists; coordination with the Ministry of Family and Social Policies, invitation to media leaders, local and international journalists, managing of RSVP lists, confirmations, information follow up on conference and theme of the meeting, etc.

  • Arrange and ensure media interviews for the EDs of United Nations with local, regional and international media outlets working in print, broadcast and web in the lead up to the meeting, and in consultation with United Nations communications experts.

  • Draft all of the written materials to be used by the press and for EDs’ press engagements, such as talking points and fact sheets, based on briefing notes prepared by United Nations regional offices, as well as background briefs about the relevant media, when applicable.

  • Facilitate booth, backdrop, etc for the media interviews to take place at the global meeting.  

  • Formulate and execute a targeted social media outreach (including infographics and graphics made for the conference) using United Nations’s online accounts, as well as any other social media opportunities identified during the communications strategy drafting phase.

  • Develop other multimedia initiatives such as video clips and photo stories, as well as other opportunities identified in the communication strategy.

  • Provide periodic and regular updates on communications and media plans during the contracts period to United Nations communications staff.

Organization Phase:

  • Ensure effective media coverage of the meeting and high attendance of the local and international media to the press conference.

  • Arrange and ensure media interviews with the EDs of United Nations and other relevant, key participants on local and international media outlets working in print, broadcast and web during the day of the meeting.

  • Provide photographers to take care of all photography needs (including photo-editing, graphics, photo-essays etc) as outlined in the communications plans before, during and after the meeting as well as both EDs’ encounters.

  • Provide video/tv coverage of the event (especially with an emphasis on the opening sessions and press conference).

  • Ensure effective social media coverage of the meeting, including live tweeting from the conference.

  • Provide to media outlets information, photos and videos from the meeting as requested by journalists.

  • Draft and disseminate a press release about the conclusions of the conference, if applicable.

Follow-up phase:

Deliver a detailed media and social media coverage and outreach report including all coverage on local and international media after the meeting, in two parts, the first coming the day after the meeting ends, and the second after 2-3 days which captures all the coverage.


Submission Deadline: 23 October 2015

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