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International Organisation hiring Head of Procurement Section

Gaziantep, Turkey, 16 November 2015


The Syria Recovery Trust Fund (SRTF) was established for the financing of reconstruction activities to rebuild the country and alleviate the suffering of the Syrian people as a result of the on-going conflict. The SRTF was created to provide the international community with a vehicle to offer financial support to the National Coalition for responding to the needs of the Syrian people.

The Management Unit (MU) was established to manage the Fund and its allocations to projects addressing reconstruction, recovery and relief in Syria. The MU prioritizes projects, in consultation with the relevant local and other approved by the Syria Interim Government (SIG) authorities, for which there is a clear need for recovery of essential public services and a capable local entity responsible for such services, which with appropriate support can restore and operate the essential public services. The MU will support potential partners to develop specific project concepts and proposals.

While the on-going conflict continues, the SRTF's MU will assist the Local Councils (LCs) and Public Utilities providing services to communities and support recovery through local Implementing Entities (IEs) to restore the services that they previously provided. Projects will typically focus in a number of priority infrastructure sectors, such as electricity generation and distribution, water supply and distribution, health and education sectors support, waste management and food security; additionally support will be provided to the sectors of agriculture, housing, public enterprises, transport, telecom and rule of law ; Actual projects and assistance will depend on the needs identified and requests received from potential IEs.

Key Responsibilities:

The incumbent shall lead the team of professional experts of the Procurement Section of the SRTF Management Unit (MU) and provide guidance, supervision and management and ensure quality and relevance of the SRTF projects' delivery in fulfilling its objectives, with particular responsibilities to:

  • Introduce an effective organizational structure in the procurement section for achieving a results-based operation and delivery of assigned tasks;

  • Improve on the work by each member of the Procurement Section on preparation and implementation of the project tenders collaboration with implementing entities (IEs) and local councils (LCs) located in Syria;

  • Supervise and coordinate the staff members of the procurement section for timely preparation of tender documents for submission, discussion, approval and publication;

  • On request by the Chief Operations officer (COO), further develop the required methodology and framework under which procurement actions shall be implemented, and recommend revisions as necessary for inclusion in the Procurement Manual;

  • Organize and supervise the establishment and maintenance on a database of potential markets and suppliers for goods and services to be funded by SRTF and to be procured via the management Unit (the technical establishment of the database will be supported by an IT-expert);

  • Coordinate with the programme sector head (PSH) and the head of the finance sector in the development of procedures for effective and timely implementation of approved projects;

  • Maintain adherence of tender procedures to SRTF Operations Manual, Procurement Manual and Strategy Paper;

  • Provide plans for capacity building and technology transfer on procurement to IEs and contribute to workshops for counterparts (to be planned and implemented by the Programme section) in project cycle management, preparation of necessary documentation (BOQs, Specifications, tenders, contracts, etc.);

  • Monitor ongoing procurement processes, and report to Chief Operations Officer (COO) on corresponding challenges;

  • Contribute to the production of budgets, cash flow, procurement and logistical needs and work plans, and the timely preparation of required reports on progress of works;

  • Supervise all Procurement Section Staff and ensure that established procedures in the SRTF Operations Manual are being followed, as directed by the SRTF Director General (DG) or the COO;

  • Attend meetings, as required, and contribute to the SRTF needs through professional knowledge and "problem-solving" approach;

  • In coordination with the COO, the DG and the other procurement section staff create procurement opportunities through communication with different stakeholders (suppliers, chambers of commerce, SIG counterparts, NGOs, and other donors).

The preliminary framework of this assignment:

  • Long term freelance assignment up to 20 months (until 31.08.2017)

  • Work time: 10.5 work months per year, 22 work days per work-month

  • Working location: Office of the SRTF Management Unit, Gaziantep, Turkey

  • Start date: as soon as possible

Submission Deadline:  31 December 2015

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