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International Organisation hiring Administrative Reform Project Director

Athens, Greece, 16 December 2015

Project description

The reform of public administration is one of the conditions for the implementation of structural reforms included in the economic adjustment programme for Greece funded by the member states of the European Union and the IMF.

To drive this reform, Greece has requested assistance from the European Union. A Structural Reform Service Support (SRSS) was formed for this purpose by the European Commission and France was designated to lead the effort for technical support from Member States and international organizations in the reform of state administrations.

France supported the reform of state administrations since 2012. International Organisation (EF) was in charge since 2013 of the implementation of the technical assistance in this field.

The latest political developments and the arrival of a new majority at the Greek Government led to the renegotiation of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU signed August 19, 2015) between Greece and its creditors. The MoU requires the establishment of new phases of discussion on technical assistance activities to be undertaken, in particular in the field of administrative reform.

The project (Technical assistance programmeme presented and validated) led by International Organisation will support the Greek administrative reform in 5 main fields:

  • Improvement of the Governance;

  • Improvement of Human Resource Management;

  • Strengthening Transparency and Accountability;

  • eGovernment;

  • Change Management.

A Project Team in Athens composed by a Project Director, a national expert in public administration and an assistant will be in charge of the implementation of the technical assistance under the supervision and coordination of International Organisation. To this end, International Organisation is currently looking for the position of "Project Director".


From 22 months to 48 months (January 2016 to October 2017 and possible extension)

Job description

Under the responsibility of International Organisation, the role of the Project Director will be to support and reinforce the capacity of Greek authorities and to ensure overall implementation and coordination of the project. In particular, he will:

  • carry out detailed implementation of the project, following the activities, providing for adaptation and fine-tuning of project lines and follow-up;

  • make sure that problems in implementing the project are identified rapidly and that appropriate solutions are found as soon as possible;

  • ensure that the project enjoys adequate visibility through communications efforts consistent with the donor's rules of visibility;

  • ensure relations with beneficiaries, with the person in charge of project management in Greek Administration and other project stakeholders requesting operational support within the framework of the implementation of the reform;

  • provide good leadership and coordination for the project team in order to meet the goals within the contractual time limit, the overall project budget and its cost estimates, the work schedule;

  • ensure coordination with the EU (SRSS) in Athens and with the Greek Authorities at the political and technical level;

  • supervision of the drafting of the mission's terms of reference and of the selection of short-term experts;

  • implementation of TA, including seminars, workshops, training programmes and study visits;

  • preparation of regular and special reports (inception report, quarterly reports, progress and final reports with the timetable and an estimate of costs);

  • ensure the preparation of guidelines and Recommendations for the relevant activities;

  • Facilitate the activities and missions of the French Reform Partner.

Submission Deadline:  5 January 2015

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