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GFA Consulting Group hiring Human Rights Team Leader

Ankara, Turkey, 17 February 2014

Project Title

Technical Assistance for Support to the Local Human Rights Boards and Women's Rights Awareness.

Project Description

The contractor will provide technical assistance to the Turkish Human Rights Institution for improving human rights complaints-taking mechanism, raising awareness among the society especially on human rights, promoting women's participation to social, economic and cultural life as well as implementing effectively the necessary measures to prevent domestic violence and honour killings.
Within the scope of this contract, the contractor is expected to realise:

  • setting of standards of procedures to be followed by the provincial and sub-provincial human rights boards (bureaus) and human rights complaints application desks by organising workshops and round table meetings and delivering training,

  • preparing the operational guidance material as well as designing and delivering training courses on complaint-taking procedures and women's rights, children's rights and taking and processing violation applications,

  • raising awareness by training on children's rights to be carried out at schools, organising joint meetings and conferences with the local NGOs on women's rights and launching campaigns to impact target groups through spot films, educational materials, animations and short movies.

Duration of assignment: 24 months

Deadline:  14 March 2014

View the ECN Sub-Contracting Notice (accessible by ECN Executive and Expert Members - Login to View).

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