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GFA recruiting Team Leader for the Activation of Speciality Foods Cluster

Turkey, 17 February 2016

Project Title

Technical Assistance for the activation of "Speciality Foods Cluster" in the Southeast Anatolia Region.

Project Description

The Project will facilitate activation of a specialty food products cluster in the Southeast Anatolia Region (GSFC). The Project has three components.

The first component concerns development of a portfolio of specialty food products, and is composed of three activity groups, through which (1) a long-list of specialty foods will be developed; (2) followed by a comprehensive research that will enable identification of most promising specialty food products and finally (3) production and improvement of samples of such products.

The second component aims at activation of the GSF Cluster, and is composed of 4 Activity Groups, first of which concerns cluster analysis and development of a cluster action plan. The remaining 3 activity groups (i.e. actions for engagement, cluster marketing and branding, networking) within the second component are anticipated to be executed in tandem and feed into each other.

The last component of the Project concerns "Sustainability of the Cluster Initiative". This component will facilitate establishment of the GSFC Business Development Center, and delivery of business development services to local entrepreneurs.

Job Description

The Team Leader will primarily be responsible for overall management of the project. S/he will work full time for the project.
Job Description: The TL will be responsible for the coordination and management of the technical assistance and inputs provided by the TAT (including the non key experts). In his/her capacity as the leader of the TAT, s/he will;

  • Maintain fulltime presence in Turkey, at the duty station, during the lifespan of the project,

  • Produce the technical parts of the contractual reports, such as the inception report, progress reports, and final report, by obtaining inputs from key and non key experts,

  • Produce, in cooperation with the other members of the technical assistance team, the work plans and resource schedules, and identify the profiles of the non key experts to be mobilised by the Contractor,

  • Review the technical reports and proposals to be produced by the key and non key experts and assure quality and coherence of reports,

  • Represent the project at key project-relevant events and meetings,

  • Monitor on a daily basis the progress of the project against the pre-determined and agreed upon time plans, and report possible deviations from the predetermined and agreed upon time plans and resource schedules to the beneficiary,

  • Lead the clustering and networking activities of the Project

  • Report to the Senior Representative of End Recipient

Submission Deadline: 8 March 2015

View the ECN Subcontracting Notice (This notice is visible only to ECN Executive and Expert Members: Please login to view).

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