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Tender: Study on Entrepreneurship Perception Among Youth

Moldova, 17 July 2015


The overall objective of the Programme is to contribute to an environment of trust and cooperation across the Nistru/Dniestr River generating new perspectives on shared interests and a shared future by people from both banks of the river while responding to their pressing development needs.

The current phase of the Programme (2015-2018) represents a framework for engaging in development interventions across the security zone on both sides of the Nistru/Dniestr River, comprising a series of activities that will strengthen, regularize and intensify interaction between otherwise divided societies, aiming to establish this interaction as a norm. It looks to deal strategically with barriers to cooperation by building the trust towards such actions and broadening opportunities for engagement for a wide range of actors. Additionally, it provides support for improving critical community infrastructure

Through its Business Development and Employment Opportunities component, the Programme aims to support the common interests of business actors from both banks, by facilitating their cross-river cooperation and their access to the possibilities offered by Moldova’s deepening foreign trade relationships. This component addresses comprehensively some of the key constraints faced by business and focuses heavily on creating sustainable cross-river partnerships. Additionally, a culture of entrepreneurship will be promoted energetically in the region, focused mainly on enabling youth on both banks to become successful entrepreneurs.

According to two studies carried out as part of the business development project in the previous phase of the Programme, the Market Survey of the Microfinance Sector in the Transnistrian region of Moldova and the Feasibility study on small and medium enterprises (SMEs) development in the Transnistrian (TN) region of Moldova” , the SMEs have a reduced share (under 10%) in the regional economy, caused inter alia by the reduced availability of small business support programs, including coaching, and financial support. The studies have identified youth as a group that would benefit most from support. From one side, young men and women have been the most affected by the regional negative economic trends of the recent years, as it became more difficult for them to find local jobs or other sources of income. On the other hand, they have the most potential in developing the needed entrepreneurial abilities to establish vibrant start-ups that would benefit the regional economy as a whole. Besides institutional and financial circumstances, however, local perceptions towards entrepreneurship also play an important role in fostering or discouraging young women and men to start and build their own business.


The Programme seeks an experienced company or consortium of companies (hereinafter the Service Provider), to design and carry out a study among young (aged 18 to 35) women and men in the Transnistria region on their perceptions of entrepreneurship and come up with recommendations on promotion of a culture of entrepreneurship in the respective area. This survey would rely on both qualitative (focus groups with key stakeholders/entrepreneurs/young women and men) and quantitative methods (opinion survey) and a pay specific attention to gender and HRBA aspects.

The Study will explore, among others, the following topics, (the list should be extended based on the proposals of the Service Provider):

  • young people’s perception of entrepreneurship;

  • young people’s perception of obstacles and constraints to launching a business in terms of the existing culture of entrepreneurship;

  • awareness of existing programmes/projects meant to support young entrepreneurs and the benefits they offer, as well as of the experience in this field on the right bank;

  • typical approaches/paths taken by young people who want to become entrepreneurs;

  • case studies of successful young entrepreneurs;

  • recommendations/solutions/innovative ideas on the promotion of a culture of entrepreneurship, as well as in using the experience in this area from the right bank of the river.

The services will include inter alia, a quantitative opinion survey, the organization of focus group meetings, interviews with relevant stakeholders/business representatives/young women and men from both banks, carrying out an innovative design thinking workshop to generate new ideas on promoting a culture of entrepreneurship in the region most effectively, and the elaboration of a set of recommendations and further steps.

To ensure the quality of the study, the contractor will make sure that interviewers – both for quantitative and qualitative data collection methods – are sufficient in number and qualified to ensure that interviews are conducted professionally in an objective and unbiased manner, and sensitivities are well addressed.

The estimated duration of work is 4 months. The expected time of commencement is September 2015.


Submission Deadline: 4 August 2015

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