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EASO recruiting Head of Communications and Stakeholders Unit

Valletta Harbour, Malta, 17 October 2017


The European Asylum Support Office (hereinafter referred to as "EASO"), established by Regulation 439/2010, strengthens European Union (EU) Member States' practical cooperation on asylum, enhances the implementation of the Common European Asylum System (CEAS) and supports Member States whose asylum and reception systems are under particular pressure.

Specifically, EASO focuses on three main tasks:

  • Supporting practical cooperation among Member States on asylum mainly through training, quality activities, country of origin information (COI), statistics and analysis, specialized expert networks, practical cooperation workshops, thematic support on unaccompanied minors, trafficking in human beings and gender;

  • Supporting Member States under particular pressure through emergency support, including the deployment of asylum support teams to assist EU Member States in managing asylum applications and in putting in place appropriate reception facilities;

  • Contributing to the implementation of the CEAS by collecting and exchanging information on best practices, drawing up an annual report on the asylum situation in the EU covering the whole asylum procedure in EU Member States and adopting technical documents, on the implementation of the new EU asylum acquis.

The headquarters of EASO are located at the Valletta Harbour (Malta).


The Head of the Communications and Stakeholders Unit manages, co-ordinates and supervises the activities of the Unit. The incumbent reports to the Executive Director.

  • Lead and manage the Communications and Stakeholders Unit in accordance with the policies of EASO and advice the Executive Director;

  • Further develop EASO's outreach and stakeholder engagement activities, including the dissemination of results and activities to different stakeholders, in particular to EU institutions, civil society, national governments, and citizens;

  • Coordinate preparation of all briefing for the Executive Director and high level officials and their participation in external meetings;

  • Coordinate communication with key external stakeholders in particular EU institutions, bodies and agencies and national governments;

  • Implement EASO's communication and information strategy, including planning and execution of awareness raising campaigns;

  • Manage all translations and publications projects of the agency;

  • Coordinate EASO's press and media relations;

  • Organise and manage all external events of the agency;

  • Contribute to the implementation of EASO's work programmes and monitoring the execution of the allocated budget accordingly; Co-operate/co-ordinate with the EASO Units/offices on issues within the incumbent's competence;

  • Manage EASO's relations with key stakeholders, in particular to EU institutions, civil society, national governments, and citizens;

  • Manage the secretariat of the EASO Management Board;

  • Organise and lead thematic meetings and workshops with a view to developing practical cooperation in the field of communications;

  • Perform any other tasks as required upon the request of the Executive Director.

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