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United Nations recruiting Procurement Team Leader

Geneva, Switzerland, 17 November 2014


The vision of the Stop TB Partnership is to realize the goal of elimination of Tuberculosis (TB) as a public health problem and, ultimately, to obtain a world free of TB by ensuring that every TB patient has access to effective diagnosis, treatment and cure; stopping transmission of TB; reducing the inequitable social and economic toll of TB; and developing and implementing new preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic tools and strategies. The Stop Partnership is uniquely positioned to support the development and further implementation by partners of the current and future Global Plan, acting as a coordinator and catalyst for the range of partners engaged in the fight against TB.

As a key initiative of the Stop TB Partnership, the objectives of the Global Drug Facility (GDF) are to increase access to high quality 1st and 2nd line anti-TB drugs, diagnostics equipment (and related supplies) for implementation of the Stop TB Strategy by linking the demand for drugs to supply and monitoring, competitively outsourcing services to partners, simplifying drug management, and strengthening TB programme performance. Unlike individual organizations and country programmes, the GDF is able to leverage the extensive size of the Partnership network to implement a pooled procurement programme, through which countries with insufficient procurement capacity are able to obtain drugs and diagnostics equipment at low prices that result in considerable savings.

Under the general supervision of GDF Manager and working in a proactive manner, the responsibilities of the incumbent will be to lead all Procurement activities of the Global Drug Facility (GDF), manage the procurement team and provide strategic support to the GDF Manager in reviewing and adapting the new GDF strategic framework and operating model.activities, providing expertise on all aspects of procurement, critically reviewing, amending, and disseminating best practices, within the delegated authority. The incumbent will also provide strategic support to adapt the new GDF strategic framework and improve GDF business operating model as required in an evolving TB landscape.

Assignments will require ongoing contacts within the Secretariat with all staff, WHO, partners, donors and key stakeholders to exchange information and ensure mutual understanding as related to the strategic framework and procurement activities; assignments will also involve ongoing contacts to establish and enhance a world-wide network of manufacturers, procurement agents and services providers, to define contractual relations, evaluate and monitor performance and ensure robust procurement strategies are in place.

Functional Responsibilities

  • Lead GDF procurement activities for all GDF commodities according to best recommended practices and GDF quality policies.

  • Ensure processes, standard operating procedures (SOPs), tendering and all related GDF sourcing activities are aligned with GDF model and quality policies.

  • Assist the GDF Manager in reviewing the strategic framework and operating model of the GDF

  • Review of the new GDF strategic framework implementation process in the current changing landscape of Global Fund procurement reform, and propose recommendations based on potential scenarios.

  • Provide insights on current GDF operating model, in comparison with other procurement service agencies , and map out potential processes optimization.

  • Review suppliers engagement strategy and propose potential new directions.

  • Identify market interventions to support GDF strategic objectives.

Function / Expected Results

  • Oversee the work of the Procurement Team 

  • Coordinate the daily activities of the Country Support Officers responsible for the ordering and supply of TB drugs  and diagnostics.

  • Coordinate the competitive selection and contracting of procurement agents for the supply of TB drugs and diagnostics. Assist in the competitive selection of sampling and testing agents for the quality control activities.

  • Coordinate the operational and strategic relations with the contracted agents with the support of the Country Support Officers and the Quality Assurance Officer, to ensure the effective development and implementation of best practices, including but not limited to conducting critical and risk assessments of activities and results, reporting on progresses and proposing remedial actions concerning gaps and problems, with particular attention to effective and timely delivery of products to countries; to actively participate in meetings on procurement and quality assurance matters.

  • Regarding Country Portfolio activities, propose and oversee the technical, policy and strategy directions identify opportunities where GDF offers comparative advantage; engaging and promoting collaboration with internal and external partners and agencies, including but not limited to the Global Fund and UNITAID, to support activities and coordinating country support, in line with GDF leverage in country implementation. 

  • Lead discussion on policy issues, processes, tools, SOPs and Key Performance Indicators development, as well as coordinating and reviewing the team technical inputs for reporting, planning and forecasting exercises, and representing GDF at meetings, as required.

  • Work closely with the Special projects officer on the Strategic Stockpile, Revolving Fund, introduction of new drugs and diagnostics tools to ensure alignment in processes and performance.    

  • Coordinate the Country Portfolio work flow and performance, including but not limited to developing and ensuring implementation of work-plans in line with GDF mandate, setting priorities, overseeing budget, clearing expenditures and ensuring resources availability.

  • Ensure that the procurement component of GDF technical, advocacy, process and reporting documents (including GDF website) are complete and up to date.

  • Proactively collaborate and provide support and assistance to GDF Manager and the Executive Secretary as related to the preparation of analytical and strategic reports and documents, with emphasis on procurement activities.

  • Ensure effective working relations with the GDF Advisory Committee and the Working Groups of the Stop TB Partnership.

  • Perform other related responsibilities as assigned by GDF Manager. 

Contract duration: 1 year with possibility of extension

Submission Deadline: 23 November 2014

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