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Tender - Sustainable Energy Investment Forums Organisation and Management

Belgium, 17 December 2015

Sustainable energy investments are currently not sufficient to achieve the EU's climate and energy goals for 2020 and 2030, in particular regarding energy efficiency. Many factors account for this, impacting both the demand and supply side of sustainable energy investments.
This contract addresses the insufficient capacity of and lack of cooperation between public and private stakeholders at national level to develop large-scale investment programmes and financing schemes. At the end of the contract, the situation should be changed in each of the targeted Member States as follows:

  • the key public and private stakeholders have started to cooperate on sustainable energy finance, through participation in a first national roundtable, and have set the basis for a longer term cooperation in the frame of a ‘national sustainable energy financing roundtable’. This cooperation aims to develop a common understanding of issues, develop roadmaps to improve access to finance for sustainable energy investments, and propose evolutions in the policy and regulatory frameworks. Further, the objective of the tender is to form a systematic dialogue and cooperation among main stakeholders at the national level, ensuring a coherent linkage between policy, market and finance,

  • public authorities and private actors have increased their capacity to develop large-scale investment programmes relying on innovative financing solutions and involving (to a large extent) private finance.The contract aims at organising exchanges of best practices between stakeholders working in different countries on topics related to sustainable energy finance.

The specific objectives of the contract will be the following:

  • triggering momentum and starting a systematic cooperation between key stakeholders on the topic of sustainable energy finance at national level, mainly through the organisation of roundtables and their follow-up;

  • building capacity on developing and sustainable energy investments through broad promotion of successful or promising investment projects in the EU (but always relevant to the context of a given country);

  • organisation of EU networking events.

  • 'Sustainable energy' in this contract refers in particular to investments in energy efficiency and/or (with a lower priority) small scale renewables. The focus is not on major infrastructure such as urban transport or stand-alone renewables, but rather on the existing building stock, street lighting, existing heat infrastructure, as well as industry and services.

Geographical coverage

The contract will cover at least 15 EU Member States. However, the Member States will only be fully identified by the EASME during the course of the contract. Tenderers must demonstrate their capacity to carry out the contact activities in the 28 EU Member States, although not all Member States will be covered.


Submission Deadline: 14 March 2016

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