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United Nations hiring Chief of Policy Review Section

Geneva, Switzerland, 18 July 2016


This position is located in the Policy Review Section, Science, Technology and ICT Branch, Division on Technology and Logistics of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). The incumbent reports to the Chief of the Branch.


Within delegated authority, the incumbent will be responsible for the following duties:

Economic or sectoral analysis

  • Leads or participates in the formulation, organization and management of mandated programmes of economic analysis and the formulation of possible economic strategies, policies and actions for adoption by the international community in the field of science, technology and innovation for development.

  • Leads or participates in the identification of new or emerging development issues of potential concern to the international community, particularly those of a regional or global nature, and designs and develops programmes to address them.

  • Supervises the work of the staff of the Policy Review Section.

  • Commissions studies and analyses that cannot be undertaken internally.

  • Conceives, plans and manages expert group meetings, seminars and similar consultations that contribute to the finalization of the work unit’s outputs.

  • Finalizes reports on development for issuance by the United Nations.

  • Prepares speeches for senior staff and makes presentations for specialist or non-specialist audiences.

Intergovernmental support

  • Provides direct substantive support on development issues to intergovernmental bodies (in particular the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), UNCTAD's Commission on Investment and Enterprise and ECOSOC's Commission on Science and Technology for Development by offering strategic advice, giving technical guidance and assisting in developing a consensus.

  • Manages the work unit’s contribution to the preparation and management of meetings of intergovernmental bodies.

  • Represents the organizational unit at international, regional and national meetings on development issues.

Technical cooperation

  • Develops and maintains relations with senior officials of member governments and ensures a response to requests for advice and/or assistance on economic issues and policies related to Science, Technology and Innovation for Development.

  • Negotiates with donor and recipient governments on technical assistance programmes and projects.

  • Leads or participates in technical cooperation missions.

Programme support

  • Contributes to the formulation of the medium-term plan, the programme of work and the budget of the Science, Technology and ICT Branch and participates in the formulation of the organization's overall programme of work and other similar endeavours.

  • Attends to various administrative matters concerning the Science, Technology and ICT Branch.

  • Performs other related duties as required.


Submission Deadline: 10 September 2016

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