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World Bridge Tourism

Brussels, Belgium, 18 July 2019

Objective of the initiative

This call for tender is launched in the framework of the 2018 Preparatory Action "World bridge tourism" voted by the European Parliament. Its aim is to build on the work done for the EU-China Tourism Year by funding additional B2B (Business-to-Business) matchmaking events and developing training materials to help the sector preparing for Chinese travellers.

The European Parliament, in its 2015 own initiative report on tourism, requested the Commission to increase the budget for promotion and help the tourism sector to enhance its competitiveness . It also asked in 2015 the Commission to develop a Pilot Project called "World bridge tourism" whose aim was to attract more Chinese tourists in Europe, notably on the basis of transnational packages The general objectives of this tender are to:

  • increase the flow of Chinese travellers in the EU, in particular Chinese Free Individual Travellers (FITs), with high revenues, interested in lesser known destinations and travelling outside high season;

  • stimulate investment opportunities for EU companies in China where domestic tourism is booming.

Its specific objectives are to:

  • bring together EU tourism operators from different EU Member States, helping them to forge flexible transnational partnerships;

  • give EU tourism operators business opportunities by putting them in contact with relevant Chinese operators on the occasion of B2B events, priority being given to SMEs operating in more than one EU Member State;

  • support the development and the visibility of trans-European touristic products in China, which may include:

  • trans-European thematic Routes around World Heritage sites developed by UNESCO thanks to EU funding (https://visitworldheritage.com/en/eu) and/or

  • trans-European touristic products supported by the EU under the COSME programme and other EU funding programmes (e.g. European velo Routes http://www.eurovelo.com/fr/eurovelos) and/or

Cultural Routes certified by the Council of Europe (e.g. European Route of ceramics or the Viking Routes http://www.culture-routes.net/).

Detailed characteristics of the purchase

The contractor is requested to undertake the following tasks:

  • Work Package 1 – Collecting and disseminating best practices

  • Work Package 2: Conceiving a B2B matchmaking strategy and advertising B2B

  • Work Package 3: Pre-selecting the most promising EU operators for B2B events

  • Work Package 4: capacity-building 

  • Work Package 5: B2B Matchmaking

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