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Tender: Website Design

Switzerland, 18 August 2015


The website will be geared to both the general public and to United Nations field presences and partners. It will provide information about the campaign and how to get involved, including resources that partners can use in support of the campaign. It will also feature human stories surrounding the covenants, and links to more information on the International Bill of Rights.

The highlight of the website will be an interactive quiz/game that will challenge players to bust and dispel various myths about human rights (e.g. Human rights are a Western invention, favor criminals, inhibit free speech, etc.) Players will be asked a serious of multiple-choice questions, some based on real human rights cases, in which they must decide if a human rights violation truly exists in the scenario and why. Points will be earned with each question and the game concludes by awarding the player a title (e.g. “Human Rights Myth-busting Master”) that can be shared on social media, encouraging others to play.

The contractor will create an engaging interface design and functionality for a website with the pages/sections outlined below (maximum 12 pages). Two distinct visual design/functionality proposals for the overall look and feel of the website must be presented.

The content pages to be created are:

  • Home page – a visually compelling entry point to the campaign.

  • Covenant pages – 1-3 pages – with background information about the two covenants, with links to further information available on the main OHCHR website.

  • Stories page – 1 page that features stories related to the campaign (the actual story pages will reside on the main OHCHR website.

  • Resources – 1-2 pages – This section will feature material that can be used by OHCHR field presences and partners who want to show their support for the campaign. (i.e. downloadable logo files, posters, e-cards, visual identities, etc). It will also include a calendar of upcoming events (including online/social media events such as Google Hangouts).

  • Interactive game/quiz – The aim of the game is to both entertain and educate players by challenging them to think through myths about human rights. It will consist of 5-10 multiple-choice questions. Upon answering each question, players will be awarded a certain number of points, and will be shown an explanation, as well as any relevant links to further information on the OHCHR website. At the end of the game, the game will display their total score and corresponding level (ideally with an avatar), which they can share on social media.


Submission Deadline: 27 August 2015

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