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UNDP recruiting Lawyer to Support the Parliamentary Gender Equality Council

Home-based, Georgia, 18 September 2018


The Joint Programme addresses gender inequality in a coherent and comprehensive manner, covering a wide range of issues, such as political and economic empowerment of women, reducing violence against women and girls and promotion of women's sexual and reproductive health and rights. Therefore, three UN agencies have unified efforts towards the achievement of its goals and objectives.

The overall goal of the project is to promote gender equality and women's empowerment by means of strengthening capacities of government at both central and local levels and across the executive, legislative and judicial branches, engaging civil society and raising public awareness about gender equality. This ambitious goal will be achieved by realization of the following outcomes:

Enhanced women's political and economic empowerment (led by UNDP); Enabling environment to eliminate violence against women and girls, especially sexual and domestic violence, created in Georgia (led by UN Women);
Advanced gender equality and reproductive rights, including for the most vulnerable women, adolescents and youth (led by UNFPA).

The project exercises a holistic approach by simultaneously targeting three interrelated levels (national, local and grassroots) and applying multi-tiered programming approaches:

To achieve the outcomes of the project, UNJP partners with the Gender Equality Council of the Parliament of Georgia (hereinafter "the GEC"). The GEC has approached UNJP with the request to support it in revision and fine-tuning of the 2010 Law of Georgia on Gender Equality (hereinafter "GE Law") informed with international best practices and Georgia's national and international commitments in the area of gender equality and women's empowerment.

To facilitate efficient working process towards preparation of the amendments to the GE Law, UNJP will recruit an International Consultant – Legal expert who will work closely with the GEC and its support staff. The International Consultant will be supported by and is expected to work in a team with National Consultant - Legal Expert to be also hired by the UNJP with regards to the preparation of the GE Law amendments'.

Duties and Responsibilities

The objective of this assignment is to support the Gender Equality Council of the Parliament of Georgia in drafting the respective revision of the GE law. The international consultant will work under the direct supervision of UNJP Program Managers in close coordination with the Coordinator of the Gender Equality Council of the Parliament of Georgia, and will be responsible:

  • To assist the GEC in preparation of a roadmap of participatory process of preparation of amendments to GE Law together with National Consultant and UNJP, with the engagement of the executive branch of the government / the Inter-Agency Commission on Gender Equality, Violence against Women and Domestic Violence and the GEC's civil society advisory council;

  • Based on (but not limited to) recommendations of the baseline study "Gender Equality in Georgia: Barriers and Recommendations" outline key revisions/changes necessary to the GE Law. Furthermore, ensure that proposed changes to the law are in line with international best practices and Georgia's international and national commitments in the area of gender equality (jointly with National Consultant);

  • To provide long-distance support to the National Consultant while the latter will present the draft revisions/amendments to the GE Law at all stages with relevant partners and stakeholder from the GEC, government (Inter-Agency Commission) and civil society (the GEC Advisory Council) and collect and reflect on the remarks and suggestions expressed through this consultation process;

  • To support national consultant in the development of the final draft amendments to the GE Law and presentation of these to the GEC and UNJP (jointly with National Consultant) in Georgia;

  • To provide inputs to the national consultant while the latter will be developing explanatory notes to the draft amendments;

  • At all times, while implementing duties and responsibilities spelled out in this ToR work in a team with and support the GEC and national consultant by serving as a resource person to ensure high quality of all deliverables;

  • To perform other duties as necessary in relation to the package of GE Law amendments (such as further research, data collection, inquiries, etc.).

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