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Sofreco recruiting Technical Adviser on Teacher Professional Development Policies

Ammam, Jordan, 18 November 2015


SOFRECO is a leading company in consultancy and technical assistance for sustainable economic and social development. Using tested and approved products, methodologies and tools, it provides quality services with tangible results. SOFRECO's priority is to ensure that the beneficiaries accept and adopt these results, through flexible, practical and adapted solutions, and to create a dynamic of participative, lasting change in a multitude of sectors and countries throughout the world. This dynamic aims to develop expertise and lead to the better allocation and management of available resources.

Job description

In the framework of a UNESCO project, we are looking for a short-term expert un Teacher professional development, in charge of the service area "Technical Advisery services for the refinement and operationalization of MoE teachers policy framework".

That would represent a work of around 80 days on a 9-month period (sort-term missions in the field)

Purpose and Specific Objectives:

The overall purpose of this assignment is to assist the MoE in updating, improving and moving ahead the full operationalization of its existing Teacher Policy Framework. More specifically, the MoE requires technical Advisery services in enhancing and operationalizing its Policy in the following areas:

  •  Induction training Programme for newly appointed teachers.

  • Teacher Continuous Professional Development.

  • Capacity building for ETC staff to undertake its function.

  • Teacher Utilization, appraisal, career path, and employment Policies.

Duties and Responsibilities to be performed by the contractor:

Under the overall authority of the Director General of UNESCO delegated to Head of the UNESCO Amman Office, the technical oversight of the Team Leader of the UNESCO Amman Office Education Sector and the direct joint-supervision of the MoE Managing Director of ETC and the Executive Director of the MoE-DCU, the Consultant will undertake the following Duties and Responsibilities:

  •  Review the National Teacher Professional Standards and advise on how to operationalize these standards, and provide continuous technical guidance and advise to the existing technical committees on developing specific teacher's professional standards per subject.

  • Develop Generic Framework Outcomes for Teachers Professional Development for identified levels closely linked to teachers' career development path. It is expected the framework will include three domains:

  • General Education

  • Subject Specific Pedagogy.

  • Extra-Curricular Topics.

  • Assist the MoE in reviewing and improving the current induction Programme provided to the newly appointed teachers in line with the Policy Framework, and the Teachers Professional Standards.

  • Review current in-service training Programmes in line with the National Teachers Professional Standards and proposed Career Path in order to formulate recommendations for improvement, alignment or adaptation.

  • Assist the MoE in decentralizing the mechanism of the demand driven training courses, and school based training implementation. This should include the setting up of mechanisms to operationalize teachers' mentoring/coaching within schools clusters.

  •  Assist the MoE in developing the tools to identify the teachers' needs for in-service training, building on the existing practices of training needs identification via schools and districts improvement plans.

  •  Assist the MoE in developing new evaluation tools and methodologies reflecting teachers' performance.

  •  Assist the ETC to undertake its functions, in particular with respect to the M&E which is considered as a relatively new function.

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