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World Bank recruiting Writer for Asia Sustainable and Alternative Energy Programme

Washington DC, United States of America, 18 December 2014


The Asia Sustainable and Alternative Energy programme (ASTAE) was created in 1992 as a Global Partnership programme. Its mandate is to scale up the use of sustainable energy options in Asia to reduce energy poverty and protect the environment.

Achieving this objective rests on promoting ASTAEs three pillars for sustainable development:

  • Renewable Energy

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Access to Energy

The programme has been instrumental in increasing the share of sustainable energy projects in the World Bank energy portfolio in Asia. Today, ASTAE assists client countries in the East and South Asia Regions focusing on downstream and operations-oriented activities that directly support and enhance World Bank lending projects related to the three ASTAE pillars.

ASTAEs ever increasing need to effectively communicate the programmes work, impacts and accomplishments to key stakeholders: donors, client counties, and World Bank operational staff and management has resulted in the immediate need of a writer.

ASTAE is looking for ways to more effectively disseminate its work to decision makers, policymakers and technical experts in client countries, donors and other partners within and outside the Bank.

To achieve this goal, the programme intends to produce: i) the ASTAE Annual Status Report Fiscal Year 2015; and ii) feature stories, web stories, and impacts stories to communicate results derived from ASTAE activities. These stories would be targeted to donors as the primary audience as well as other stakeholders noted above. All pieces will be posted on the ASTAE website and distributed in hard-copy form to key stakeholders, as needed.

Scope of Work

ASTAE seeks a consultant who can take on the task of producing the bulk of series of the news stories, web stories, and impacts stories as well as write, contribute and compile the ASTAE 2015 Annual Report and to produce other web-related communications outputs. During the time frame of this assignment, the following outputs are envisaged:

For FY2015:

  • 4 news stories/ web stories 16 days

  • 1 impact story 8 days

  • Preparation of annual report inputs (in June) 6 days

Note: an impact story demonstrates the impact of ASTAEs work over the long term such as programmes/ policies/ market creation in client countries.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Information Gathering

  • Consulting with the ASTAE Coordinator and Portfolio Review team.

  • Gathering background material from Task Team Leaders (TTLs) and team members, reviewing materials and distilling key information.

  • Reviewing technical reports and project information documents, and distilling key information.

  • Interviewing TTLs, team members, authors, ASTAE Coordinator and managers to create clear messages and narrative for results stories and policy notes

  • Gathering quotes, information, multimedia, images (as needed) from clients and managers.

  • Writing and Revisions

  • Timely drafting of outputs.

  • First revisions based on input from ASTAE Coordinator.

  • Second revisions based on inputs from authors and TTLs.

  • Third revisions based on review by regional managers and ASTAE Coordinator.

  • Final revisions based on final review by ESMAP Manager.

  • Support to Production and Dissemination

  • Delivery in timely manner of all images/ graphics in final format to Publications Assistant; provide recommendations on images.

  • Timely review of final design.

Submission Deadline: 12 January 2015

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