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BBC Media Action Consortium wins ENPI "Media Neighbourhood" Project

London, England, 19 April 2012

The European Commission has launched a project aiming to offer world-class training to over 1,200 journalists across 17 EU neighbouring countries and territories over the next three years. "'Media Neighbourhood" is implemented by BBC Media Action, which is leading a consortium of international media organisations to deliver journalism training and networking activities.

Media Neighbourhood will bring together media professionals to create a peer group of journalists supporting each other, strengthening professional reporting standards and ethics amongst journalists working for local media across the ENPI region. A particular focus will be given to freedom of expression and its role in countries engaged in the process of democratisation.

The project has a budget of €4.5 million and the consortium delivering it is BBC Media Action, IREX Europe, Fondation AFP, L’Orient-Le Jour, CFI, French Televisions Group, LDK and the Media Development Center. The focus countries are: Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Egypt, Georgia, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Moldova, Morocco, Occupied Palestinian Territory, the Russian Federation, Syria, Tunisia and Ukraine.

 Alice Morrison, Team Leader for Media Neighbourhood said: 

“This is a broad and ambitious project. We’ll be offering the opportunity for world-class training to a diverse group of journalists and editors across an enormous geographical area. It is a chance to really make a difference by boosting skills, especially in the areas of media independence and online media. 

The project falls under the EU's Regional Information and Communication Programme, which funds three projects:

  • Information support campaign EU Neighbourhood Info Centre (ENPI Info Centre) focused on information production and dissemination and communications support;

  • Journalists training and networking providing on-the-job training for journalists from leading media in the region;

  • Analysis tools conducting media monitoring and opinion surveys.

BBC Media Action is the BBC’s international development charity. It believes in the power of media and communication to help reduce poverty and support people in claiming their rights. (ENPI Info Centre)

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