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EBRD hiring Specialist in Premium Food, Cosmetics and Parapharmaceutical Food Retail

Greece, 19 June 2018

EBRD looking for a specialist in premium food, cosmetics and parapharmaceutical / functional food retail

Company Profile

The company produces and distributes a range of products containing a natural ingredient, over which it has exclusive control. The product categories include:

  • Traditional products, including candies, preserves, cookies, and sweets

  • Grocery products, including cereal, pasta, dips, jams, spreads, olive tapenade

  • Parapharmaceuticals, including toothpaste and nutritional supplements

  • Cosmetics, including body, hair and face products, soaps and supplements.

The company was founded in 2002, and since then has won several awards for packaging and innovation. The company has an attractive, multi-lingual website, and exports approximately 70% of turnover.

Additional achievements include:

  • The European Union has awarded Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) the core raw material used in production

  • The European Medicines Agency has certified the raw material as an EU Herbal Medicine via a Herbal Monograph.

  • Production facilities have been certified by the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA), enabling exports to the United States of America.

  • UNESCO has placed the cultivation and production of the raw material on its Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

A key priority is to expand international exports with a focus on northern and western Europe and North America. The intended for distribution channels are:

  • High end, premium retailers, such as Harvey Nichols, Whole Foods, Gallerie Lafayette, and others. The company has already entered several such networks in the UK and France.

  • Pharmaceuticals chains, organic product retailers and similar networks for the cosmetics and parapharmaceutical products.

Project Profile

The company is actively expanding and requires the following support:

  • Detailed analysis of business operations and profitability analysis. In particular, it is necessary to examine the profitability of the product portfolio, which is very broad. An operational and financial analysis should be implemented and new standards for stock-keeping unit profitability defined.

  • International marketing and sales analysis for the cosmetics and parapharmaceuticals line/s, which fall under a common brand name. Following sales analysis, the Advisor should actively support international sales development.

  • Development of a 5-year group business strategy encompassing the company, the cooperative that supplies it, marketing and sales subsidiaries and other stakeholders.

All activities should be carried out in close cooperation with company management, and the emphasis is on the delivery of tangible and actionable outputs. The company is highly experienced and has significant achievements in terms of product development, packaging design, and international sales negotiations and operations.

This is not a full-time assignment. The overall assignment will take place over 18 months and will require travel to Greece.

Only registered advisers will be assigned to EBRD projects. Therefore,if you wish to be considered for this project, please register at www.ebrd.com/knowhow/advisers, making sure your registration reaches completion.

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