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Tender: Organisation of European Enterprise Promotion Awards, SME Week and SME Assembly

Belgium, 19 August 2015


At the heart of the European SME policy is the conviction that achieving the best possible framework conditions for SMEs depends first and foremost on society’s recognition of entrepreneurs. The general climate in society should lead individuals to consider the option of starting their own business as attractive, and acknowledge that SMEs contribute substantially to employment growth and economic prosperity. As a key contribution to achieving an SME-friendly environment, the perception of the role of entrepreneurs and risk-taking in the EU will therefore have to change: entrepreneurship and the associated willingness to take risks should be applauded by political leaders and the media, and supported by administrations. Being SME-friendly should become mainstream policy, based on the conviction that rules must respect the majority of those who will use them: the "Think Small First” principle. It is in that spirit that outreach activities like the ones covered by this contract are organised by the European Commission.

European Commission wishes to enter into a service contract for the provision of services related to:

  • Conference organisation for the yearly SBA conference called the SME Assembly, generally organised in the second half of every year in cooperation with the Council Presidency of that period.

  • Organisation of a secretariat function for the European Enterprise Promotion Awards, the yearly award scheme organised since 2006 to award excellence in promoting entrepreneurial activities. 

  • Organisation of a secretariat function for the SME Week, an umbrella for hundreds of SME related outreach activities on EU level and in Member States and beyond.

All tasks are supported by networks of national coordinators from EU Member States (and for SME Week and EEPA from COSME participating countries). For the EEPA and SME Week there are national coordinators; the work of each SME Envoy is supported by a Sherpa. The contractor will receive all necessary contact details. The contractor can rely on the National Co-ordinators and will actively support these groups and its members in accordance with the tasks described below.


The central policy document for SME policy as a whole is the SBA, a set of actions and political orientations governed by the principle of "Think Small First".

The SBA has a very simple and efficient governing structure composed of two elements:

  • The Network of SME Envoys

  • The SME Assembly

Other very important elements of SME policy outreach are:

  • The European Enterprise Promotion Awards

  • The SME Week, an umbrella brand for hundreds of events on national (and sub-national) level.

  • The Single Market Forum, annual events to exchange best practice between stakeholders, inform citizens, and/or examine the state of the Single Market. NB: The Single Market Forum events as such are not part of this tender and the contractor will not be asked to organise these events; the contractor will only have to coordinate the events inasmuch as they are labelled as SME Week event like any other event with this labe.

All these activities are to be seen as a complete solution to outreach activities related to SME policy. The contractor will be charged with tasks that may relate to these activities, but must always have the mindset that they are a holistic and interconnected set. The overall political intention is the promotion of SMEs and entrepreneurship and better interconnection of relevant actors in the ecosystem.

The contractor shall be asked to:

  • Design and implementation of a holistic and innovative outreach and engagement strategy around the activities below (i.e. the design of the events/initiatives themselves as well as the shape and form of the related promotional activities);

  • Organise the SME Assemblies (SBA Conferences);

  • Organise and implement the annual European Enterprise Promotion Awards, the management of the competition cycle and the award ceremony.

  • Promote and coordinate the annual European SME Week.

  • Propose a concept for the continuation of the Secret of Success brochure, and produce it, in principle, in a paperless form.


Submission Deadline: 30 Septemeber 2015

Also view the ECN Procurement Notice (accessible by ECN Executive Members - Login to View)

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