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CEDEFOP hiring Head of Department for Resources and Support

Thessaloniki, Greece, 19 August 2016


Cedefop is the Agency of the European Union to promote the development of vocational education and training (VET) in the European Union. Cedefop is a forum for policy analysis and research and is a recognised partner in the policy and scientific debates on VET.

The Head of the Department for Resources and Support shall report to the Deputy Director and will be responsible for the overall management of the Department.

General duties

The Head of Resources and Support shall provide the necessary expertise and leadership in relation to the strategic administrative and financial objectives of Cedefop and to support the Agency’s further development and success. The job holder will also contribute to Cedefop’s planning, in particular by proposing the work programme for the Department for Resources and Support and efficient administrative procedures and by directing, managing and monitoring staff and work of the Department.

Specific duties at Agency level

  • advise and support the Director in his role as Appointing Authority and Authorising Officer of Cedefop;

  • assist the Director‘s office in the cooperation with the relevant European institutions in the field of administration, e.g. the European Parliament’s Committees on Budget and Budgetary Control, the European Commission’s DG Budget, DG HR, the Internal Audit Service of the Commission and the European Court of Auditors;

  • advise and support the Authorising Officers by Delegation;

  • support the Agency’s Internal Control Coordinator in designing and implementing risk analysis and strategies, internal control systems, administrative procedures and in coordinating the preparatory steps as well as follow-up of audits and evaluations and in monitoring the development and effective implementation of the ethics framework;

  • ensure efficient budget execution in conformity with the EU Financial Regulation;

  • contribute to the effective planning, management and monitoring of the needs of human resources as determined by policy priorities, fluctuating workloads and budgetary limitations;

  • supervise the effective recruitment procedures, human resource services, including training and learning development opportunities in conformity with the EU Staff Regulations;

  • ensure the effective planning, management and monitoring of budget resources in coordination with the Authorising Officer and the Authorising Officers by Delegation;

  • ensure efficient and effective services related to ICT, general support and facilities, supporting Cedefop’s operations and objectives;

  • oversee and manage security matters, including physical security.

Specific duties at the level of the Department for Resources and Support

  • coordinate and manage the activities and the staff of the Department;

  • set objectives for the Department in coordination with the general objectives of Cedefop;

  • ensure the effective, efficient and economic use of resources in the Department;

  • report on the Heads of Services and other staff in the Department (performance evaluation, career development process, support development of individual team members, individual objective-setting, performance control, etc.).


Submission Deadline: 21 October 2016

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