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ECORYS recruiting Public Financial Managment and Budget Team Leader

Egypt, 19 November 2013


Ecorys is one of the oldest research and consulting companies in Europe. Ecorys has over fifty years of experience in working outside our European home markets – particularly in Africa, Asia and South-America.

Project title

Budget and Public Financial Managment Analysis Support.

Global objective

The global objective of the contract is to improve and enrich the quality of the assessment of PFM and Budget issues by the EU Delegation, to enhance the related PCM tasks and to support in the deepening of the quality of policy dialogue on these matters with government.

Specific objectives

  • Support the delegation in the assessment of fiscal and PFM issues in the context of its project cycle management and budget support eligibility assessment

  • Support the delegation in its assessment of different budget and budget execution documents (in particular general state Budget, State Accounts, budget execution reports, multi-year budgets, reports by Supreme Audit Institutions, …)

  • Support the Delegation in its assessment of global budget allocation and execution trends

  • Support the Delegation is its assessment of sector-specific budget and PFM issues, in particular in the different sectors in which the EU is engaged or is planning to engage (transport, energy, education, health, water, social security and social safety nets, …)

  • Support the Delegation in assessments of specific issues related to Budget or PFM (for example new and current legislation, reform plans, existing practices, …)

  • Provide training and presentations on Budget and PFM issues

  • Provide awareness raising sessions to EU staff and other stakeholders on important Budget and PFM issues, particularly in relation to budget transparency. 

Job Description

The PFM and Budget Expert/ Team Leader (Expert 1) will be in charge of the coordination of the contract and the quality control of all outputs, in compliance with the general contract and the specific work orders. In addition he will perform some of the requested services under the contract (analytical work, training, reporting) in relation to both PFM and Budget Analysis.

Duration: 50 working days

Deadline: 25 November 2013

View the ECN Sub-Contracting Notice (accessible by ECN Executive and Expert Members - Login to View)

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