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FAO recruiting Trade and Food Security Economist

Geneva, Switzerland, 19 November 2014

Organizational Setting

The Liaison Offices have been established at locations where many UN system organizations and other international, intergovernmental or non-governmental associations or organizations are working. They maintain relations with Members and external development partners operating in these locations. They monitor developments affecting nutrition, food and agriculture and represent the Organization at meetings which address matters that fall within the mandate of FAO.

The post is located in the Liaison office in Geneva (LOG) under the functional guidance of the Director, Trade and Markets Division (EST) and in consultation with other relevant technical units of the Organization.

Reporting Lines

The Economist reports to the Director, FAO liaison Office

Technical Focus

Developments in the context of the multilateral trading system with regard to the World Trade Organization as well as other Geneva based trade institutions and country representations on the areas of trade and food security.

Key Results

Comprehensive technical, statistical, analytical and/or policy analysis services and the development of specialized tools, methodologies, systems and/or databases to support the planning, implementation/delivery and monitoring of the programme of work and related products, projects, publications, and services.

Key Functions

  • Plans and leads components of multi-disciplinary teams and short term work groups, leads and/or participates on Division/Departmental teams, participates on Organization-wide committees, project teams, and working groups and provides specialized expertise on international technical networks and or technical policy and standard setting bodies;

  • Develops technical, statistical, analytical, monitoring and reporting frameworks, and related tools, methodologies, systems and databases etc. to support the planning, implementation/delivery and monitoring of the programmes of work, products, projects, and services;

  • Designs and conducts research, data collection, validation, analysis and/or reporting activities to support the development of technical standards, international instruments, innovative tools and methodologies, flagship publications/technical reports and/or policy proposals as well as the provision of technical specialist and/or policy advice and expertise;

  • Responds to requests and provides technical/policy advice, assistance and solutions to Regional, Sub-Regional, and Country Offices and provides technical backstopping to field projects;

  • Promotes international cooperation and collaboration, advocates best practices and increased policy dialogue and provides technical expertise at international meetings and conferences;

  • Collaborates in capacity development activities involving knowledge sharing, the organization of training workshops, seminars, and meetings as well as the development of related materials and on-line tools and information kits;

  • Participates in resource mobilization activities in accordance with Corporate strategy and Departmental plans.

Specific Functions

  • Monitors the multilateral trade negotiations at the World Trade Organization (WTO) and prepares analytical studies/reports on aspects having an impact on food security, including on world market volatility in agricultural commodities and approaches to mitigate its effects;

  • Monitors international policy developments in Geneva of relevance to the mandate of FAO, including inter alia: the right to food, food security and nutrition, investment in agriculture, trade and environment, intellectual property and farmer rights, regulations on food quality and safety standards, and other issues of relevant to agricultural trade and food security;

  • Provides visibility to FAO’s work on trade and food security, ensures close collaboration with the relevant Headquarters Units on major issues, and makes them aware of developments and initiatives in Geneva of relevance to FAO’ s mandate;

  • Contributes to establishing partnership with key officials in WTO, UNCTAD, ITC, ILO, WIPO, WHO, IOM, and other relevant partners on issues related to FAO’s mandate;

  • In close collaboration with the relevant Headquarters technical divisions responds to requests from Permanent Missions in Geneva on FAO’s position and recommendations with regard to specific questions pertaining to agricultural trade and food security policies, identifies opportunities for briefing/training country negotiators in Geneva;

  • Facilitates the organization of workshops and seminars in collaboration with other concerned partners, on trade negotiations and food security;

  • Prepares statements for the Director, LOG on FAO’s position on specific topics related to agricultural trade, food security and climate change issues.

Duration: 2 years

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