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Improving Dairy Sector Efficiency in Jordan

Jordan, 19 November 2019

Assignment Description:

In the context of the Project, EBRD wishes to engage a consultant (the "Consultant") in order to carry out a Diagnostic Study on Improving Dairy Sector Efficiency in Jordan (the "Assignment").

The expected outcome of the Assignment is to carry out a technical audit of the Jordanian dairy sector and provide recommendations on the content and format of different technical assistance options for market development, including a training programme for commercial Jordanian dairy farmers. Ultimately, the Assignment will support VCCP objectives to enhance supply chain linkages, technical know-how and, in the longer term, access to finance for local farmers/SMEs in Jordan, to increase their efficiency and support value chain development.

Amongst others, the selected Consultant is expected to provide the following services (the "Services"):

1. Technical audit of commercial dairy farms in Jordan

The Consultant will conduct the technical audit, which will help the EBRD assess the level of technical knowledge and know-how, as well as access to credit and risk management practices in the country, under the following criteria:

  • Carry out a technical audit of local dairy farms (up to 40), selected and agreed together with the EBRD and dairy processors, and develop a report compiling all findings.

  • The Consultant will visit each farm and collect detailed information on all aspects of their business: from production of feed crops through milk storage and marketing. Special attention will be paid to water and other resource issues, as well as the cold chain infrastructure. The Consultant will also visit and audit retail outlets and feed meals, and collect information about on-farm economics and develop milk production budgets for each category of farms. Practices and techniques in Jordan will be benchmarked against international best practice and will outline clear actions/interventions that can support local farms to improve performance.

  • Prior to farm visits, the Consultant will organise and lead an initial presentation/launch event/roundtable to announce the sector study. The event should include major industry stakeholders, dairy farmers and processors, and relevant sector associations in Jordan, and should focus on identifying specific value chain bottlenecks and overall farmers' training needs. The Consultant will include in the report the findings from these discussions.

  • Based on the results of the farm visits and launch event, the Consultant, and the EBRD, will choose 3-5 dairy farms to receive preliminary pilot training on best practices in animal keeping/rearing, milking, product safety and quality, and/or animal welfare.

Once the audits and report are finalized, the Consultant will organise a seminar/workshop with dairy farmers, processors, and sector stakeholders to discuss findings, recommendations, and next steps.

2. Recommendations for a technical assistance package

Based on the gathered information, the Consultant will develop recommendations on possible technical cooperation programmes to increase the efficiency of the Jordanian dairy sector. This assessment will explore the benefits of different approaches that would significantly improve returns to investments in dairy development.

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