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UNOPS hiring Events and Outreach Analyst

Geneva, Switzerland, 19 December 2019


The United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) is a strategic public-private partnership between UNEP and the global financial sector. UNEP FI works with over 200 financial institutions, signatories to UNEP Statement of Commitment by Financial Institutions on Sustainable Development, and a range of partners and organizations, to embed environmental, social and governance considerations in financial decision-making. Through its industry, thematic and regional activities, UNEP FI promotes the adoption of sustainability practices by financial institutions and the finance sector at large.

UNEP FI is looking for a consultant to work on its events communication and member engagement requirements, including oranising UNEP FI flagship events, media relations, member communications and UNEP FI does not have the relevent professional expertise internally to carry out the stated tasks as shown below.

Functional Responsibilities

Through these services the Initiative will be able to engage a broad range of financial institutions, including commercial banks, investment banks, venture capitalists, asset managers, and multi-lateral development banks and agencies – in a constructive dialogue about the nexus between economic development, environmental protection, and sustainable development. The services will also help promote the full integration of environmental considerations into all aspects of the financial sector's operations and services and help foster private sector investment in environmentally sound technologies and services. Finally, the services will help the Initiative to broaden its outreach both within UNEP / UN and external to governments, private sector and multi-stakeholders.

In line with the work programme delivered during the UNEP FI Annual General Meeting and approved by UNEP, and under the direction of UNEP FI Head and UNEP FI Membership and Regional Co-ordination Manager, the consultant will carry out the following project tasks for the UNEP FI Programme of Work – as shown below in 4.

  • Participate in the coordination of the global in-person and online events strategy that has clear objectives, messaging and transmission channels for each target audience.

  • Participate in maintaining a strong brand for UNEP FI, including impactful and fit-for-purpose communications, web site, videos, social media.

  • Provide inputs for the development of project and topic-related communications strategies and strengthen existing communications products, with a specific focus on messaging for key stakeholder groups (financial institutions, donors, governments, etc.).

  • Assist the engagement with European members to enhance their profiles, make them aware of UNEP FI activities and help implement sustainability strategies into their operations.

Specifically, the Consultant will perform the following tasks:

  • Participate in the organization of UNEP FI events and webinars including event logistics, registrations, agenda and programme development, identification and invitation of speakers.

  • Assist the coordination and implementation of media campaigns around UNEP FI events. Contribute in ensuring that all external communications are coordinated in terms of delivery and have a common branding and style. Assist in the development of relevant communication packs to facilitate this.

  • Support the preparation and production of event brochures, promotional videos, photographs, multimedia material, etc. as well as in communications products.

  • Coordinate with service providers (event management companies, catering, etc.)

  • Participate in developing agendas for UNEP FI conferences in collaboration with the Secretariat, including the Global Roundtable, and event attended by 600+ delegates. Coordinate with UNEP FI Secretariat

  • Coordinate press conferences, press briefings, interview and media events as well as pre-event social media and live tweeting during events.

  • Co-ordinate with UNEP FI regional co-ordinators in their work to host regional events and webinars.

  • Assist with developing content and communications to bring work streams around Positive Impact finance, UNEP FI European activities, climate change and disclosure, energy etc.

  • Assist with strengthening engagement with European Signatories on UNEP FI membership value, and to update them on UNEP FI activities

  • Provide materials for internal dissemination by members with flexibility to tailor to key audiences to promote uptake of guidance/tools/methodologies developed though work programme.

  • Support in expanding Europe network and resource capacity by expanding partnerships through supporting institutions.

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