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UNOPS recruiting Communications and Outreach Team Leader

Vienna, Austria, 20 January 2014


UNOPS mission is to serve people in need by expanding the ability of the United Nations, governments and other partners to manage projects, infrastructure and procurement in a sustainable and efficient manner.

The contract will be issued by UNOPS on behalf of SE4ALL.

The Secretary-General’s Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) initiative was launched at the General Assembly in September 2011 to identify and mobilize action by all stakeholders insupport of energy access, energy efficiency and increasing the share of renewable energy. A High-level Group was subsequently established to organize efforts towards the development of an Action Agenda on the basis of which all stakeholders can make concrete commitments to move the world toward sustainable energy for all by 2030.

The Action Agenda was launched in April 2012. It proposed several high-value actions at national and international levels. At Rio+20,the Secretary-General invited all stakeholders to announce their commitments in line with these high-value actions; and towards sustainable energy for all. Consequently, at Rio+20, the initiative received substantial commitments from more than 50 developing states, developed countries, civil society organizations and the private sector. Following Rio, the initiative will move into the next implementation phase.

The SE4All initiative aims at achieving three main goals by 2030: (i) ensure universal access to modern energy services, (ii) doubling the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix and (iii) doubling the rate of improvement in energy efficiency worldwide. It is a multi-stakeholder partnership working with business, civil society, governments and international institutions to promote public private partnerships to induce significant changes in the way energy services are produced and accessed to reach the three global goals.

The Special Representative of the Secretary General (SRSG) and CEO of the partnership, Dr. Kandeh Yumkella leads this global effort and is supported by a Global Facilitation Team in Vienna and New York. SE4All is guided by a multi-stakeholder Advisory Board, co-chaired by the President of the World Bank and the UN Secretary General. A 13 member Executive Committee provides policy guidance and operational oversight to the CEO and is led by the President of the Bank of America. www.se4all.org

Functional Responsibilities

Within delegated authority, and under supervision of the CEO the Communications and Outreach Team Leader will focus on the following issues within the GFT of the Secretary-General’s Sustainable Energy for All Initiative:

  • Supervises the members of the Communications and Outreach Team composed of a Press Officer, Communications Officer and Web Manager in the development of initiatives and communications products needed to reach the objectives in the Business Plan and Strategic Work Programme;

  • Takes the lead to create, implement, coordinate and oversee all global, multi-media strategic communications and outreach efforts to target key stakeholders and other partners.  Sets strategic priorities, identifies opportunities, reviews and approve communications materials, and coordinates overall media and advocacy outreach;

  • Guides and coordinates the work of other communication staff and consultants, key partners, and external contractors in producing print and online communications materials, organizing global media and outreach events, and successfully implementing the initiative’s communications and outreach priorities;

  • Works closely with other members of the GFT, in particular the Chief Operation Officer (COO), Global Advocacy and Stakeholder Consultation Team Leader, Country Action Team Leader,  and Business Action Team Leader, under the overall vision of the Chief Executive Officer and SRSG to develop outreach strategies to engage with appropriate departments in the UN Secretariat, UN agencies, World Bank, UNF,  Member States, with members of civil society and the private sector to implement and guide communications and outreach priorities;

  • Writes and edits a wide range of substantive materials for the SRSG and, as requested, the Secretary-General and initiative’s other leadership – speeches, media remarks, op-ed articles, key messages, talking points, press statements, etc. – on sustainable energy issues. 

  • Reviews and edits draft texts and public information materials produced by colleagues, consultants, and partners to ensure their accuracy, clarity and overall political effectiveness including Annual Reports, reports to the Executive Committee and Advisory Board, newsletters, updates to donors etc;

  • Assists the SRSG/CEO in all activities related to communications, advocacy and outreach activities with partners and key stakeholders. Provides strategic advice to the SRSG/CEO on media opportunities, op ed placements, public speaking events and high level fora with regards to messaging and visibility for energy as a development topic and SE4All as a partnership and global movement;

  • Fosters teamwork and collaboration among staff and consultants and with core partners, across organizational boundaries. Particular attention will be given to communications coordination with the World Bank Communications Team and the UN Department of Public Information (DPI);

  • Briefs the Chief Operations Officer (COO) on upcoming meetings and missions of the SRSG outlining media and outreach opportunities, ensuring alignment of messaging and expanded visibility of SE4All and the SRSG with key constituencies and stakeholders;

  • Oversees the continuous development of the SE4All website to ensure that it is a living and up to date site, of relevance for government partners, collaborating international organizations, civil society and businesses engaged on energy and SE4All in particular. The website should also be a support vehicle for preparations for major meetings and support the Advisory Board and Executive Committee as needed. Manages the regular updating of the website including design, content orientation, and links with social media.  

  • Coordinates the development of the SE4All Collaboration Platform to serve as an interactive tool to engage stakeholders, track country level activities, promote partnering and project investment, policy dialogue and facilitate interactive space of SE4All initiatives. Provides advice to the SRSG and COO on opportunities to expand the usefulness and relevance of the Collaboration Platform.

  • Supports increased and improved communications and outreach at the country level, in alignment with priorities set by the Country Action Team and with a view to maintaining and fostering stakeholder engagement and promoting impact at the country level. Clarifies objectives, audiences and messaging for specific countries, drawing on the expertise, contacts and resources of regional/country level stakeholders. Works closely with Country Action and HIO team leaders to identify high-value events and outreach opportunities for engagement.

  • Updates publicity/media toolkit for use by all SE4ALL partners. Toolkit to include fact sheets, key messages, Talking Points, FAQs, scripts for spokespeople, internal Q&A, e-newsletter, logos and logo usage policy, website linkages, master calendar of events, and list of media contacts.

  • Leads and refines SE4ALL branding strategy and implementation, through messaging and visual elements, including: reach consensus on name, new tagline and logo for the initiative to be used by our partners; consolidate branding to highlight results and credibility of initiative, including through Global Tracking Framework report and other key publications.

  • In cooperation with partners, produces Public Service Announcements in support of SE4ALL, as well as multimedia featuring leadership, such as Goodwill Ambassadors of UN system.  Oversees the preparation of video messaging by SRSG for events at which he will not be present.

  • Guides and advises other GFT staff members and Team Leaders on core messaging and representational events.

Contract duration: 1 year (with expectation of extension for subsequent terms)

Deadline:  9 February 2014

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