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Tender: Study on Learning Cultures in Organizations

Thessaloniki, Greece, 20 April 2015


The FWC is concluded for a period of 24 months with effect from the date on which it enters into force. Unless otherwise specified, all periods specified in the FWC are calculated in calendar days.

The tasks must be completed outside Cedefop in the Contractor’s premises.

Overall objective and purpose

The overarching objective of this study is to understand how the learning culture in organizations contributes to their economic success (defined both in terms of stability and innovation (38)). The nature of the learning culture in each enterprise influences all forms of learning (formal with clear objectives, timing and curriculum - such as when companies offer apprenticeships or when they contribute to higher education studies, non-formal and intentional and informal, which is unstructured and non-intentional) as well as approaches towards using information technology or new forms of work organisation (structures and processes).

Through this study, employers and social partners will be provided with insights about the differences in organizations’ understanding of learning culture and its practical implications. The cases will provide examples for mutual learning and inspiration for good practice by illustrating in rich descriptions what exactly takes place at the company level, how is it operating and shaping a particular culture in support of innovation. The findings might differ significantly between organizations, sectors, industrial clusters and countries. This should be brought out through an in-depth inquiry. All strategies might equally, under specific circumstances, lead to good outcomes and their value can only be judged through a benchmarking exercise undertaken by enterprises. Therefore, it is expected that the study will provide a range of highly relevant information that should be of interest to a wide audience.

The following questions guide the study:

  • Which factors contribute to the shape of a learning culture in successful organizations and how do they operate (organizations context, contextual factors e.g. local/national policies, global competition)?

  • How is formal, non-formal and informal learning (acquisition of codified/tacit knowledge) facilitated within the enterprise?

  • How beneficial are different types of approaches to support learning within the organization?

  • How does the organization of training serve the needs of employers and employees? How are these benefits perceived by different groups of employees?


Submission Deadline: 28 April 2015

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