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WHO recruiting Consultant for Production of European Health Report 2018

Copenhagen, Denmark, 20 April 2017


Under the umbrella of the European Health Information Initiative (EHII), the Health Information, Monitoring and Analysis (DIR/HMA) unit regularly conducts data collections, updates its databases with core health statistics from the 53 countries in the WHO European Region, prepares health situation analysis publications and presentations, organizes various meetings such as the Steering Group Meetings of different subregional and thematic Health Information Networks (CARINFONET, Small Countries, European Burden of Disease Network, etc.), assists Member States with the assessment of the Health Information System (HIS), and conducts various capacity building activities such as the Autumn School for Health Information and Evidence for Policy Making and the Advanced Course on Health Information.

The main purpose of this consultancy is to strengthen the capacity of the Division of Information, Evidence, Research and Innovation to conceptualise, coordinate, analyse, review, produce and disseminate the European Health Report 2018. The European Health Report is a flagship publication of the WHO Regional Office for Europe. The Report analyzes health and well-being trends in the WHO European Region, summarizes the evidence of achievements of the health policies in the Region, and proposes strategic and novel areas of action to further the health and well-being in the Region through evidence-informed policy actions.


Under the coordination of the acting Unit Leader and Programme Manager, DIR/HMA, the consultant will work on the following tasks:

Deliverable #1: production of the Regional Office flagship publication the European Health Report 2018, including the proposal of its content, thematic contributions from diverse technical units and work plan management from concept to production and dissemination;

  • Draft and maintain the editorial calendar/project plan for the writing and production of the EHIR2018

  • Support the formation and work of the Editorial Board, by preparing agendas, meetings, discussion documents and recording the decisions

  • Draft proposal for the EHR2018's content, outline, and amend as per feedback from stakeholders.

  • Collect required information and references, perform analysis, write chapters as assigned; review and edit contribution from stakeholders

  • Work with communications officer in preparation of the communication plan and production of the report

Deliverable #2: production, of the WHO Europe's country-specific complementary publications EURO Country Profiles / Highlights of Health and well-being;

  • Draft and maintain the editorial calendar/project plan for the writing and production of the various publications that are planned for 2018

  • Analysis/review of draft publications for validity of content and consistency of form and content. Technical content writing and editing, as required.

  • Follow-up on the publications currently at various stages of production. This includes monitoring of the status of writing, reviewing the drafts of publications, coordinating production (editing, translation, typesetting/design), quality assuring the work of service providers, managing the public launch of the publications.

Contract duration: 120 days

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