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OECD recruiting Green Finance and Investment Policy Analysts

Paris, France, 20 April 2018


The OECD is a global economic forum working with 35 member countries and more than 100 emerging and developing economies. The OECD's mission – Better Policies for Better Lives – is to promote policies that will improve the economic and social well-being of people around the world. The Organisation provides a unique forum in which governments work together to share experiences on what drives economic, social and environmental change, seeking solutions to common problems.

In line with the strategic objectives of the Secretary-General, the core mission of the OECD's Environment Directorate is to help countries to design environmental policies that are both economically efficient and environmentally effective. The OECD has a wide-ranging body of work on topics relating to green finance and investment in the Environment Directorate (ENV), the Directorate for Financial and Enterprise Affairs (DAF), the Development Co-operation Directorate (DCD) and other parts of the organisation. In October 2016, the OECD launched its Centre on Green Finance and Investment to catalyse and support the transition to a green, low-emissions and climate-resilient global economy. The Centre provides a global platform for effective engagement, collaboration, and action on green finance and investment, produces high-quality, policy-oriented research and analysis and supports the broader creation, dissemination, and exchange of data, information and analysis.

The Climate, Biodiversity and Water Division of the OECD Environment Directorate (ENV/CBW) seeks several experienced and motivated analysts to develop, undertake and deliver policy-relevant research and analysis on policies, institutions and instruments for green finance and investment and to engage strategically and proactively with the leading players within sectors for climate mitigation, the financial industry, government and international organisations, academia, think tanks and foundations. This work will contribute directly to the outputs and development of the Centre on Green Finance and Investment. The selected candidates will work under the supervision and management of the Team Leader for Green Finance and Investment, within the Climate, Biodiversity and Water Division.

Main Responsibilities

Research and analysis on green finance and investment

  • Conduct and publish empirical research on green finance and investment. Drawing on the existing literature, the research will need to have a strong economic and empirical basis.

  • Possible research topics will be agreed with the Team Leader and could include one or more of: developing and assessing definitions of "green" and "sustainable" in the context of financial instruments (e.g. green bonds) and infrastructure; innovative approaches at national and international level to accelerate investment in sustainable infrastructure; and green financial instruments, structures and innovations.

  • Develop and complete ongoing research and analysis on emerging practices in developing low-carbon infrastructure pipelines, and on green investment banks' experience in fostering investment and new markets.

  • Manage the research and inputs of junior staff and interns, as well as contractors' deliverables, as needed.

Wider research responsibilities

  • Contribute to Green Finance Team's broader outputs and activities and the further development of the Centre on Green Finance and Investment.

  • Contribute, as required, to the Environment Policy Committee and its working parties, horizontal and multidisciplinary projects within the Environment Directorate and OECD and support OECD engagement with key G20 and G7 groups, when requested.

  • Review and provide constructive comments on, and input to, relevant OECD analysis.

Outreach and dissemination events

  • Identify opportunities and organise events to disseminate key conclusions and messages from the OECD outputs. Develop and deliver material that is accessible and impactful for a range of different audiences, both specialist and non-specialist.

  • Contribute to the organisation of high-level events (e.g. the annual OECD Green Investment Financing Forum, the High-level Breakfast on Institutional Investors and the Low-carbon Transition in the margins of UNFCCC events and other events as appropriate).

  • Produce briefing material and contribute to speeches and other public material for the OECD's senior leadership on related green finance and investment issues.

  • Engagement with the European Commission's Technical Expert Group on Sustainable Finance, and other international initiatives.

  • Engage and cultivate a network of relevant academic, industry and foundation contacts at a range of levels that could contribute to the OECD's work in this area and participate in relevant OECD events.

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