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UNOPS recruiting Head of IT Delivery

Copenhagen, Denmark, 20 May 2019


The UNOPS Information and Communication Technology (ICT) unit is focused innovation and harnessing cutting-edge technology to deliver solutions to UNOPS that truly address business needs.

Working with UNOPS ICT is a unique opportunity to deliver systems to users around the world - making an impact on development and solving practical problems for the UNOPS workforce and thereby help people build better lives and countries achieve peace and sustainable development.

ICT's goal is to provide greater effectiveness, efficiency and differentiation to UNOPS products and services. UNOPS ICT unit is responsible for architecting, designing, delivering, and managing all UNOPS ICT infrastructure and business applications. The unit includes Enterprise Architects, Business Analysts, Solutions Designers and Developers from all around the world who are based primarily in Denmark and Thailand.

Functional Responsibilities

Under the direct management of the Chief Information Officer (CIO), and the overall guidance of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), the role of the Head of IT Delivery is to foster a work environment around results, ensuring the delivery of robust business solutions aligned with UNOPS business requirements; while ensuring compliance with organizational policies and standards. Central to this role is building positive relationships between units and stakeholders in order to maximize the impact of IT collaborations across the organization.

UNOPS ICT team consists of more than 50 people globally, with this position responsible for managing multiple team leads focused on IT delivery functions.


  • Lead the implementation of corporate ICT strategies, management of Information Systems and ICT global services to support the strategic and functional objectives of the organization

  • Deliver business solutions aligned with UNOPS business requirements / needs

  • Monitor established metrics for ICT performance in UNOPS, implement improvement plans where needed, and report on progress made on a regular basis

  • Review / develop business case justifications and cost/benefit analyses for IT spending and initiatives

  • Provide advice and technical support to senior managers on ICT acquisition and management

  • Provide substantive input to the CIO on continuous improvement plans

  • Oversee compliance within ICT, ensuring adherence to corporate ICT standards, policies and technologies with organizational policies and standards as well as ensuring the security and compliance of all information assets at UNOPS

Team Management

  • Contribute to a motivated workforce and foster a work environment conducive to efficient and effective results. Set team objectives and priorities, performance measurements, and results expectations to ensure timely and client focused services. Monitor implementation and oversee progress.

  • Exercise overall management responsibility for IT delivery functions (Business Architecture, Solutions Design, Development and Infrastructure)

  • Promote teamwork and collaboration by providing teams with clear direction, objectives and guidance to enable them to perform their duties responsibly, effectively and efficiently

  • Foster a positive work environment, respectful of both men and women, and ensure that the highest standards of conduct are observed

Stakeholder Management

  • Working with the CIO, unit managers and stakeholders, act as an advocate for the organization's ICT vision, contributing to ICT and deployment strategies.

  • Assist with the management of internal stakeholders and provide advice and observations to the CIO on key issues to resolve / address with different stakeholders / stakeholder groups

  • Interface with the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to discuss and review recommendations with a view towards strengthening of information security management in UNOPS

Knowledge management and Innovation

  • Contribute to the development and introduction of innovation by fostering creativity and practical innovation across the team as well as in the IT delivery functions.

  • Lead team processes to synthesize and share best practices and lessons learned for corporate knowledge building

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