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Tender: Consultancy for Generation of New Business Opportunities

Italy, 20 June 2016


The Business Development Team ("Team") of the Organisation plays an important role in fostering relationships between the Organisation and clients and following through on potential new business opportunities. The team maintains a close working relationship with the Management of the Organisation's Banking Department in pursuit of business in the sectors and regions in which the Bank is active. Working with counterparts within the Banking Department, the team is responsible for the identification of high potential client companies and businesses, establishing and developing relationships at target company senior management level and coordinating the maintenance of relationships and follow up to leads which have been generated. 

With this expertise in mind, the Italian Constituency Office of the Organisation has discussed with BD Team the engagement of a Consultant to work in close collaboration with members of BD Team, with a good knowledge of the Italian Market to support the identification of Italian entities with Italian prioritisation and as a result, the generation of new business opportunities (the "Assignment"). 

The objective of the Assignment is to provide services to:

  • Support the BD Team in the effective promotion of the Bank's capabilities in Italy;

  • Develop and implement an Italy focused business development program, aimed at increasing Italian participation in projects financed through the Bank and resultant lead generation.

The Bank now intends to retain the services of Consultants to support the Team by identifying potential Organisation clients, helping the Bank to raise awareness with Italian entities, facilitating business development activities and exploring increased deal origination. 

The Consultant firm's main tasks will be as follows:

(a) Undertaking thorough research about Italian companies, business associations and chambers of commerce, and creating a database of companies in Italy that may qualify as business partners for the Organisation in such was that it can be used to further the Bank's approach and implementation;

(b) Identifying target companies and sectors and requisite accompanying information, placing emphasis on mid-sized companies across all sectors, compiling a comprehensive database;

(c) Identifying the main investment streams from Italy to the Organisation region, identifying companies which are considering investing in the region or considering the region as part of their business strategy. 

  • Undertake corollary data collation, utilizing a large variety of techniques to acquire pertinent data via for example, the internet, databases, email and telephone to undertake research campaigns, and compile published data. Organize information to produce inclusive reports and spread sheets, etc. 

(d) Identifying suitable contacts / the main business platforms which can be used to reach out to potential clients and engage with them and maintain relationships with various parties identified as being helpful to support Organisation's Business Development activities; 

(e) Developing a programme of marketing activities for the Organisation to disseminate within the Italian market; 

(f) Assisting the BD Team with preparation and organisation of business meetings/visits:

  • Suggest areas in Italy that should be targeted for 4 business trips with sufficient critical mass of potential origination of transactions, rational for inclusion of companies and provide information to be used in meetings with these potential clients;

  • Propose and prepare two business development events, to be organised to support new business opportunities. Arrange a suitable venue, catering, IT infrastructure, materials, invitations and logistical support for these events;

  • Arrange business development visits of Italian companies from Italy to the Organisation Countries of Operations.

The Consultant will provide the following deliverables: 

  • A mapping exercise aiming at Italian companies to be targeted by the Bank’s marketing activities;

  • An Italy focused business development program;

  • Monthly activities reports.

In co-operation with the Bank, the Consultant will further implement activities fulfilling the agreed implementation plan:

  • Organise four business development visits headed by Banking to Italy;

  • Organise two targeted marketing events in Italy aiming at raising Organisation’s visibility among the Italian business community;

  • Organise Italian companies' visits to the Bank's Countries of Operations.

Assignment Start Date and Duration: The Assignment is expected to start in August 2016 and last for 12 months. The Assignment may be extended, subject to the Bank’s needs, the availability of funding and the selected Consultant’s performance.


Submission Deadline: 5 July 2016

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