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Tender: Strengthening the Capacity of Women’s Organizations on Community Mobilization and Women’s Empowerment

Ukraine, 20 July 2016


The project will apply community mobilization for empowerment (CME) methodology, the special focus will be to support mobilization of local women’s groups in 20 target Hromadas of the project.  One of the intended objectives of the project isto empower IDP and conflict‐affected women in Donetsk and Luhansk regions and to support the formation of women‘s self‐help groups and strengthen their capacity in order to implement the social and infra‐structure small grants and foster the community based actions. With this purpose the project will select the organization with the sound experience working with grassroots women’s groups in conflict‐affected and internally displaced communities using the community mobilization approaches. The overall objective of this assignment will be to support the capacity building of the UN Women local partner Civil Society Organization and share the community mobilization experience of other one of the conflict‐affected countries of Eastern Europe. The organization will help with adjusting the methodology of the community mobilization for empowerment, provide the series of in‐depth capacity building training of the national partner in Ukraine through country visits, field trainings and study tour in the countries of the region, which were affected by the conflict with the experience of community mobilization targeting women affected by the conflict in order to arrange the learning meetings with already existing community based women’s organization working with IDP and conflict‐affected groups.   

The task of the organization will be to facilitate the sharing and learning exchange experience of the Ukrainian organization that will apply the community mobilization for empowerment methodology throughout the implementation of UN Women and UNDP project on “Restoration of Governance and Reconciliation in crisis‐affected communities in Ukraine”. The organization will strengthen the skills and knowledge of UN Women national partner in community mobilization for empowerment work and share the best practices and lessons learned of the similar conflict‐affected country context. This capacity building training and study tour will prepare the national CSO in the community based methodology with women’s groups in order to deliver the tangible results and contribute to achieve the final objectives of the project.  


Under overall guidance of the UN Women Gender Advisor and a direct supervision of the Programme Specialist the contracted organization will implement the following a set of tasks:

  • Develop and submit the capacity building plan and methodology on community mobilization for empowerment for eight months (initial stages of the cycle, with an understanding that the community mobilization for empowerment is a prolonged process, which will require follow‐up) and with the detailed description of the training module and sessions, learning objectives and materials in English. The methodology should also include the description of the following stages of the CME: profiling of the communities, mapping of the strategic needs, making priorities, setting up the self‐help groups, planning and implementing the community based advocacy and support actions, monitoring and evaluation;

  • Conduct the initial introductory 5‐day training on community mobilization for empowerment in Ukraine for the UN Women local partner NGO;

  • Conduct two separate three‐four day field training in Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts for the mobilized women’s groups in community mobilization including how to identify strategic priority needs of the communities, outreaching local groups, and conducting community mapping and local initiatives;  

  • Organize study tour for the Ukrainian partner NGO and mobilized women from project target communities  in order to organize the learning workshops with the similar experienced community based women’s organizations. Facilitate to share the lessons learned and best practice experiences between the participants during the study tour in host country.  

  • Submit the report on the implemented activities with a summary lessons learned and recommendations to UN Women (report should be submitted in English language).


Submission Deadline: 9 August 2016

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