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FAO recruiting Evaluation Consultant

Rome, Italy, 20 August 2014


Since 2008, FAO adopted an integrated approach to the generation, management, sharing, communication and transfer of knowledge and information related to food, agriculture and natural resources. The results of such efforts should have had, at certain point, an effect in the uptake of FAO's knowledge products and services at country level. The Evaluation of FAO's contribution to knowledge on food, agriculture and natural resources seeks to assess the outcomes of FAO’s knowledge products and services, including its uptake at country level and how effectively they have reached its audiences. In order to capture such results, and identify emerging knowledge needs, this evaluation is -among other things- planning to conduct the following data collection exercises:

  • Client Surveys and workshops: An online survey will be conducted in a sample of countries to gather client views on the relevance, quality and usefulness of FAO's knowledge products and services. Target participants will be identified from the government, the private sector, research and academia, Non-governmental Organizations and media. A follow-up workshop might also be conducted in each of the countries to deepen understanding of the results obtained from the Client survey with the support of FAO country offices and local consultants. The surveys will be carried out in 4 to 5 developing countries1 and 4-5 developed countries 2. Final selection will take into account feasibility, adequate geographical/socio-economic balance and synergies with ongoing country programme and project evaluations.

  • Member Country survey: A paper-based survey questionnaire will be administered to all FAO Member Countries in order to gather their general views and suggestions on the relevance, quality and usefulness of FAO's knowledge products and services. 

Specific duties and responsibilities

Under the supervision of the evaluation manager and in close consultation with the other members of the evaluation team, the consultant will be expected to:

  • Coordinate the administration of the client surveys and workshops, including liaising with FAO country offices and survey participants, as well as the identification and hiring of local consultants (when necessary).

  • Prepare a synthesis report of the survey and workshop results based on the outline agreed with the evaluation manager.

  • Support the conduct of the Member Country survey, including its analysis.

  • Perform other duties related to the evaluation, as required.

Duration: Aprox. 60 days WAE (NTE: 15 December 2014).

Submission Deadline: 26 August 2014

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