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GIZ recruiting Adviser for Strategic Partnerships for the Implementation of the Paris Agreement

Brussels, Belgium, 20 December 2017

Field of activity

Climate change is a global challenge that requires a decisive and confident response from all major economies, which account for some 80% of global emissions. The EU as a key proponent of international action is committed to sustain cooperation and build partnerships and alliances towards achieving internationally agreed climate objectives.

This project contributes to EU's climate diplomacy efforts and cooperation between the EU and non-European major economies to promote the implementation of the Paris Agreement. It translates the political commitment for advancing bilateral dialogues and cooperation in the field of climate action into concrete interventions in line with the global ambition level as set by the Paris Agreement.

The project objectives are to (1) Facilitate the exchange of climate policy options and good practices between the EU and non-European major economies with a view to enable policy changes; (2) Advance bilateral cooperation and investment in pursuit of the goals of the Paris Agreement and of Nationally-Determined Contributions, and (3) Contribute to improve public awareness, including by the business community, of challenges and opportunities associated with the implementation of the Paris Agreement. The project will focus on stepping up upstream policy collaboration along four thematic axes: mitigation policy instruments, mid-century strategies/renewal of nationally determined contributions to the Paris Agreement, climate transparency and adaptation planning.

By fostering exchanges and collaborations among national and subnational administrations, business communities, the academia and civil society stakeholders from Europe and other major economies, the project will encourage and assist major economies in making their best efforts towards the goals of the Paris Agreement, harnessing international economic and political relations to move quicker together towards its full implementation.

The project will be implemented in close collaboration with the European Commission and the European External Action Service, with funding from the EU Partnership Instrument and the German Federal Ministry for the Environment (BMUB). It will build on and complement existing European climate policy dialogues and cooperations with Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Mexico, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, and USA.

Your tasks

  • Assist commissioning bodies in following up on EU bilateral climate policy dialogues with major economies

  • Responsibility for implementing country engagement strategies in partner countries Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Canada and USA, including planning, organizing and communicating on bilateral cooperation activities on policies and measures related to the implementation of the Paris Agreement and Nationally-Determined Contributions, working closely with EU Delegations in countries

  • Advising and giving guidance to the project team and partners on thematic axes of the project

  • Contributing to monitoring, reporting and knowledge management in the project

  • Elaborating terms of reference and backstopping of assignments to implementing partners and consultants, including those from a Roster of Experts on climate issues

  • Ensuring quality standards in GIZ project management and administrative procedures of the commissioning bodies

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