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International Organisation hiring IT Security Engineer

Vienna, Austria, 21 July 2016

The Department of Management (MT) provides a ‘platform of services’ that serves as a foundation for the successful delivery of the IAEA’s scientific and technical programmes. Its mission statement is as follows: “MT is a partner and a business enabler that champions change and efficiency, leveraging a common purpose”. Thus, among other support activities, it assists a scientific manager in recruiting the right expert, helps a technical officer coordinate the purchase of radiation equipment and ensures that all Board documents are translated and distributed on a timely basis to Member States.

The Division of Information Technology provides support to the Organisation in the field of ICT (information and communication technology), including information systems for technical programmes and management. It is responsible for planning, developing and implementing an ICT strategy, for setting and enforcing common ICT standards throughout the Secretariat and for managing central ICT services. The Organisation's ICT infrastructure comprises state of the art hardware and software platforms in a partially decentralized environment. The Division has implemented an IT service management model based on ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) and Prince2 (Projects in a Controlled Environment) best practices. 

The Infrastructure Services Section is responsible for administering the central IT servers and virtualization platforms, providing secured services and managing the data centre which are run in compliance with best practices defined by international standards, in particular ITIL and ISO 27001.

Main Purpose

The purpose of the post is to help the Organisation information and communication technology services define and create repeatable and consistent processes to strengthen Organisation information security. The IT Security Engineer participates in the development and delivery of a comprehensive IT security program for the Organisation. He/she also participates in implementation of IT security projects, and the administration and verification of security controls as well as in technical investigations following possible security incidents.


The IT Security Engineer is (a) a technical specialist supporting the design and formulation of security measures, procedures and standards on all aspects of IT security; (b) a solution provider, coordinating service delivery; (c) a team member actively involved in planning, implementing, testing and deployment of IT security systems; and (d) a security incident handler.

Functions / Key Results Expected

  • Contribute as a key player to ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information systems and data through end-to-end IT security measures and by implementing appropriate technology and processes.

  • Implement and maintain incident response and vulnerability management procedures, implement appropriate procedural and technical access control mechanisms, and identify and respond to IT security incidents.

  • Perform security and risk assessments and vulnerability testing and make recommendations for corrective actions.

  • Participate in IT projects on a daily basis to ensure they produce the required results. This includes in planning, implementing, and monitoring the projects, and creating project documentation.

  • Participate in incident handling and vulnerability scanning and management.

  • Implement regular and preventative security controls for infrastructure.

  • Identify security issues and risks, and develop mitigation plans.

  • Recommend new and emerging security products and technologies.

  • Participate in security operations support.

  • Provide substantive inputs and suggestions on all aspects related to the design, and testing of new security products, security infrastructure, security plans and services.

  • Coordinate services, installation, maintenance and supplies from external vendors and other UN agencies.

  • Assist in the preparation of written reports which in using data and statistics contribute to efficient and effective usage of the given IT infrastructure.

  • Provide inputs on deficiency and effectiveness of security control deployment and usage. 


Submission Deadline: 18 August 2016

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