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UNDP recruiting Lead Facilitator for Early Recovery Adviser Training

Geneva, Switzerland, 21 August 2013


UNDP, as the lead agency for the Cluster Working Group on Early Recovery (CWGER) is organizing a residential training workshop for Early Recovery Advisors to be held EITHER from Sunday the 24th to 29th November 2013 OR from Sunday 1st to 6th December 2013. The training is planned to be held in Geneva Switzerland, but the location may be changed at short notice. The objective of the training is to improve understanding and practice of early recovery advice and coordination among potential Early Recovery Advisors (ERA). The expected outcome of the training is a cadre of individuals (consultants) who will be available for rapid deployment to post-crisis contexts to support the early recovery work of the humanitarian country team. This contract encompasses twelve days of consultancy work including five and a half days of workshop facilitation. i. Preparatory work (3 days): as described under objective 1 above; there is a large amount of training material that needs to be very carefully studied. ii. Facilitation (6 days): as described under objective 2 above. iii. Report Preparation (3 days): A brief report as described above.

Duties and Responsibilities

The overall objective of the consultancy is to facilitate the above mentioned workshop. Specifically the assignment will entail the following activities:

  • Familiarization with the session outlines, methodology and content of the training (material will be made available at the start of the assignment);

  • Act as lead facilitator of the 5 ½ day training, this includes: i. Facilitate the workshop proceedings (introduce sessions, keep time, facilitate participation and discussions) ii. Manage the workshop mechanics (including liaising with logistics staff and ensuring that presentations and sessions progress smoothly) iii.Facilitate exercises and discussions outlined in the training session outlines iv.Create and maintain a lively learning experience, by using facilitation tools and techniques to keep the participants engaged in a positive environment; e.g. energizers, thoughtful games, etc. v.Present some of the “soft skill” sessions of the workshop, e.g. sessions on learning styles, negotiation, communication, partnerships, etc. vi. Facilitate the simulation and group exercises on four days of the training vii.Liaise with the resource persons and the co-facilitators/mentors; including providing advice and guidance to the facilitation team on how to ‘mentor’ small group work viii.ensure feedback on the methodology and content of the training are provided and recorded ix.Be flexible to changes in activities that may take place during the workshop;

  • Provide a report at the end of the training outlining; i.the responses of participants to content and methodology ii.making personal observations of the methodology and content of the training iii.making recommendations for future iterations of the training.

Deadline: 9 September 2013

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