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GIZ recruiting Senior Expert for Promotion of Inclusive Financial Systems in the MENA Region

Amman, Jordan, 21 November 2013


As a federal enterprise, GIZ supports the German Government in achieving its objectives in the field of international cooperation for sustainable development.

Field of activity

Compared to other regions in the world, access to finance in the MENA Region is very limited. Less than 20% of the adult population does have a bank account. The figure among women is even lower. In particular the poor do only have access to a very limited range of products. Services such as insurance, savings, transfer are out of reach for the majority of this group. Having said that, particular in some urban areas first signs of overindebtedness may be identified. Many of the challenges mentioned above, go back to the fact that the rules and infrastructure of the sector are insufficiently developed.

The programme „Promotion of Inclusive Financial Systems in the MENA Region“ is strengthening the legal and regulatory framework of financial inclusion as well as enhancing the capacities of the regional Microfinance Network Sanabel. The network will be supported in the areas of institutional development, research and development of new services. The programme area covers Egypt, the Palestinian Territories as well as Jordan. In the latter, a close cooperation with the European Union is foreseen. Under this comprehensive partnership, it is planned to enhance the regulation as well as the steering and refinancing structure of the Jordanian microfinance sector. Furthermore, a comprehensive impact study is planned to be carried out. In Egypt and in the Palestinian Territories strong support to the supervisory authorities of the financial sector is envisaged.


You are in charge of the implementation of the German Cooperation’s contribution in Jordan. Technical issues to be tackled under your guidance mainly include microfinance regulation, development of an apex institution as well as impact monitoring. You will lead a team of international and national short- and long term experts. Furthermore, you steer two teams from international consultant companies. You will be in charge of the overall financial planning and management of the contribution. Within GIZ you report to the programme coordinator. On the programme level you represent the GIZ initiative vis-a-vis the European Union as well as the national partners.

Deadline: 30 November 2013

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