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GIZ recruiting Membership Coordination Officer

Brussels, Belgium, 22 January 2019

Job description

The Sahel Alliance has been created on July 13, 2017 to coordinate the actions of its members. The Alliance aims to strengthen coordination and focus on key sectors; improve efficiency, rapidity and proximity through innovative methods; strengthen development aid accountability in the Sahel. Alliance donors are active throughout the Sahel, including in the most vulnerable zones. The Alliance focuses on supporting structures closest to populations, working most intensely with local authorities, the private sector, farmers' and village associations, and NGOs.

The Alliance is a group of 12 donors organized around 6 thematic pillars, each of which is piloted by one of the 6 founding members: Agriculture-food security (African Development Bank); Decentralization-basic Services (Germany); Youth employability (France); Energy and climate (World Bank); Governance (UNDP - United Nations Development Programme); Internal security (European Union).

The Sahel Alliance Coordination Unit, based for the past year at the Agence Française du Dévelopement (AFD) ensures the management and coordination of the Alliance and will be passed on to the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) in 2019-2020, in the context of a rotating mandate. The Coordination unit will be based in Brussels.


Coordination among Alliance members

  • Plan and follow-up of exchanges within the Alliance via telephone conferences or physical meetings including preparation of agendas and minutes

  • Ensure that the Alliance's database and documentation of contacts are up-to-date in terms of quarterly information of all Sahel Alliance members

  • Coordinate the collective operation of the Alliance by managing deadlines, developing basic standards, tools and document prototypes and ensure members adopt them

  • Ensure the smooth functioning of assignments allocated to the thematic groups

  • Support the UCA Management in the process of assisting collective decision-making, proposing consensus solutions on the different topics to reach the Alliance's objectives

  • Compile good practices and ensure that Sahel Alliance members regularly share their definition and implementation to increase efficiency; share good practices with G5 stakeholders in close coordination with spokespersons and representatives of Sahel Alliance members in the field

Coordination with G5 Sahel countries

  • Provide smooth exchange of Alliance information among G5 Sahel countries, the G5 Permanent Secretariat, and all Alliance members

  • Organise meetings and exchanges among members of the Alliance and representatives of G5 Sahel countries

  • Communicate the expectations of the G5 Sahel and prepare responses addressing specific security questions in fragile zones and general questions from G5 Sahel countries in agreement with members of the Alliance; draft and ensure appropriate responses in the context of political requirements to G5 Sahel concerns

  • Oversee the content of the G5/Sahel Alliance Partnership Protocol; maintain regular contact with the G5 Permanent Secretariat (SPG5) about i) possibilities for funding Priority Investment Program projects in line with the Sahel Alliance intervention strategy, and ii) SPG5 involvement in certain Sahel Alliance projects

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