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United Nations recruiting Strategic Policy and Analysis Adviser

New York, United States of America, 22 December 2014


The United Nations is focused on reducing poverty and achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) first and foremost in the least developed countries (“LDC”s).  To support the realization of United Nations’s Strategic Plan and drive the rapid expansion of the organization’s capacity to assist LDCs to meet their graduation goals, respond to LDC demand for its services, and increase its geographical coverage of and average investment size in LDCs, United Nations will pursue coherent strategic policy positioning and partnership development.  The Directorate/Partnerships and Strategic Policy group will lead this approach which will encompass specific, and interlinked, strategies for partnerships, messaging, branding and communications, and resource mobilization, which capitalize on mandate-specific partnership building, strategic policy positioning, inter-governmental/client relations, and specific business development opportunities.

By the end of 2015 the international community is expected to endorse a new sustainable development agenda that will replace the existing Millennium Development Goals. This will likely be accompanied by a new financing framework to be adopted at the 2015 UN Financing for Development summit. Responding to this new generation of global development goals will require new development results expectations, partner alliances and opportunities, and financing instruments.  Localizing the goals and assisting LDCs to meet graduation targets will require strong synergies between policy, practice and knowledge generation.  The Advisor/Strategic Policy will be responsible for driving the articulation of United Nations’s positioning in the inter-governmental arena, and for ensuring strong and coherent strategic policy positioning and messaging emanating from, and driving, United Nations’s practices and partnerships. 

The key responsibilities of this position are:

  • Spearhead United Nations analysis and positioning related to key inter-governmental processes, including the SDGs (post-2015), Financing For Development Agendas, and LDC Graduation;

  • Articulate overall policy messaging and narrative to drive coherence throughout United Nations

  • Support Senior Management in the development of corporate and normative policies and strategies;

  • Support quality control and approval processes of corporate publications and knowledge-management.

  • Spearhead high priority corporate knowledge management and advocacy activities, and advice / support senior managers in their own policy and advocacy activities.

The incumbent will report directly to the United Nations Executive Secretary on certain inter-governmental matters, and to the Head/Partnerships Group for day to day management.  The Advisor/Strategic Policy will direct a small team and work closely with other colleagues in the Partnerships Group in the United Nations Directorate, with the heads of United Nations’s two practice areas, and with the Evaluation Unit.  The incumbent will have overall coordinating responsibilities for positioning of United Nations in the inter-governmental policy arena, including ensuring internal and external linkages across United Nations for the development and representation of those policy positions, and consistency of messaging across practices, regions, and partners.

The position will be based at United Nations headquarters in New York.

Summary of key functions:

Analysis and positioning related to key inter-governmental processes, including the SDGs/post-2015, Financing For Development Agenda, South-South, and LDC Graduation;

  • Monitor and engage in key/relevant inter-governmental processes;

  • Spearhead United Nations analytical work to support SDG/post-2015 positioning;

  • Spearhead United Nations analytical work to support FFD positioning;

  • Articulate United Nations’s role in supporting LDC graduation;

  • Develop policy dialogue with colleagues in UNDP, UNDG, UNDESA, ONOSSC, OHRLLS and other key actors within and outside the UN system (including Dev. Banks, Academia, Think-Tanks, Foundations);

  • Provide analysis in the nexus of policy and United Nations performance, identifying areas worthy of deeper study and learning;

  • Support the ES/DES in the preparation of public interventions, including speech writing;

  • Carry out analysis on development issues/new areas as requested;

  • Coordinate with other colleagues in Partnerships to ensure policy positioning and partnership intelligence are iterative, and fully support United Nations’s relations with donors.

Support Senior Management in the development and implementation of corporate and normative policies and strategies;

  • Lead the review and implementation of United Nations’s internal policies and strategies (e.g., Geographic Strategy, Publications Strategy, Knowledge Strategy);

  • Support the implementation, revision and drafting of key corporate/normative Policies and Strategies as requested by the ES and to ensure relevance of UNDP normative policy/POPP to United Nations (e.g., environmental and social safeguards, private sector due diligence, women’s empowerment and gender equity);

  • Identify areas for policy positioning based on evolution in external environment and/or emerging performance issues related to the United Nations Strategic Framework;

  • Support the preparation and follow up of United Nations’s Coordination and Coherence Committee (CCC);

  • Actively participate in corporate appraisal of Project Documents (PACs) notably to ensure consistency with critical normative policy dimensions (e.g., environmental and social safeguards, women’s empowerment and gender equity);

  • Support the development of United Nations information systems (internal and external).

Support quality control and coordinate approval processes of corporate publications and knowledge-management.

  • Coordinate the preparation and monitoring of United Nations’s rolling Publications Plans and of United Nations’s Publications Board;

  • Coordinate the drafting and/or provide substantive support to key corporate publications;

  • Exercise quality control on publications and knowledge products including those presented for approval to United Nations’s Publications Board;

  • Provide content and support to United Nations’s Annual Report, internet and intranet sites and social media;

  • Lead drafting of strategic publications, knowledge products, op eds, etc.

Manage a small team within the broader Partnerships Group in the United Nations Directorate, and work collaboratively and iteratively across Units to drive policy, coherence, common messaging, and strategic knowledge management across the practices.

Impact of Results

As United Nations’s lead on strategic policy and inter-governmental positioning, the incumbent’s work will have a direct impact on United Nations’s global visibility, its perceived relevance to LDC groups and their post-2015 development and graduation goals, and United Nations’s positioning within the UN and broader development architecture in its mandated areas of work.  Effective execution of the job description will have a direct impact on United Nations’s success in negotiating new and innovative partnership and resource arrangements under the new SDG/FfD regime that are relevant to its capital mandate and promise to provide real scaled up models for client countries.

Submission Deadline: 15 January 2015

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