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OECD recruiting Policy Analysts

Paris, France, 23 January 2018


The OECD is a global economic forum working with 35 member countries and more than 100 emerging and developing economies to make better policies for better lives. Our mission is to promote policies that will improve the economic and social well-being of people around the world. The Organisation provides a unique forum in which governments work together to share experiences on what drives economic, social and environmental change, seeking solutions to common problems.

The Directorate for Education and Skills (EDU) leads the Organisation's work to help member and non-member countries achieve high-quality learning for all, design better skills policies, and turn them into jobs and growth. The Directorate carries this out by providing statistics, analysis and policy advice to countries on a wide range of educational topics.

The OECD's Directorate for Education and Skills is looking for experienced analysts to join an expanding team on the OECD's project on Enhancing higher education system performance.

The Enhancing higher education system performance work has two inter-locking strands:

  • benchmarking higher education system performance.

  • the in-depth analysis of key higher education topics.

The first topic of in-depth analysis, the labour market relevance and outcomes of higher education systems, is in the country review phase. The second topic, resourcing higher education: effectiveness, efficiency and economy, will commence shortly with the development of an analytical framework.

This work is being carried out under the oversight of the OECD's Education Policy Committee through the Informal Working Group on Higher Education and is supported by a stakeholder dialogue process that includes an annual OECD Higher Education Stakeholder Forum.

Analysts will contribute to the in-depth analysis of resourcing higher education: effectiveness, efficiency and economy as well as other work on higher education. They will work as part of the higher education team under the supervision of a senior analyst, and under the direction of the head of the Skills beyond School Division.

Main responsibilities

Higher education policy analysis

  • Provide analytical and technical expertise on higher education issues. Lead or contribute to the development of analytical frameworks to structure and guide the collection and analysis of data and information; build the OECD's comparative evidence base; and connect higher education policies and practices with broader economic and social outcomes. Apply the relevant analytical frameworks to country reviews and reports.

  • Produce relevant and timely analytical documents, reports, speeches, presentations and publications that maximise the impact of the OECD's work on higher education.

  • Contribute to the ongoing refinement of the Enhancing Higher Education System Performance project and the development of new strands of higher education policy analysis in line with priorities expressed by countries.

  • Contribute to the provision of relevant and timely policy advice to the Education Policy Committee, the Informal Working Group on Higher Education and to individual countries.

  • Provide advice and briefings to OECD senior management, national representatives, inter-governmental bodies and other stakeholders.

Project management

  • Lead or contribute to the delivery of agreed outputs (e.g. reports, country visits, workshops, fora and other events) to a high quality and within deadlines, while effectively and flexibly responding to emerging issues.

  • Contribute to the co-ordination, preparation and follow-up of the regular meetings of the Informal Working Group on Higher Education, the OECD Higher Education Stakeholder Forum and other events. Develop reports, analysis and information items to support these events.

  • Supervise analysts and interns as necessary.

  • Manage external consultants when necessary in producing research papers and policy documents.

Collaboration and dissemination

  • Collaborate effectively across the OECD Secretariat to ensure that higher education policy issues are addressed coherently, and that they are well-connected with other work within the Directorate for Education and Skills as well as in other OECD Directorates.

  • Build and maintain a network of contacts with government policy advisers, higher education analysts and experts, international organisations, research institutions, and higher education institutions.

  • Contribute to the development of effective dissemination strategies for the outputs of the higher education work, and adapt key policy messages to meet the needs of different audiences. Represent the OECD externally and promote the work of the Directorate and the Division. Respond to enquiries from Delegations, media and stakeholders.

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