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UN Women recruiting National Digital Media Consultant

Cairo, Egypt, 23 May 2014


UN Women, the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women, operational since January 1 2011, works towards accelerating the United Nations’ goals on gender equality and the empowerment of women.

UN Women supports innovative and catalytic programmes, advocacy, and technical assistance related to women’s human rights in countries throughout the world as part of the overall UN development cooperation system.

The purpose of these terms of reference is to recruit a digital media consultant to design an interactive gender sensitive training manual, to provide professionals and journalists working in the field of human rights, gender based violence and women political participation with a strong background on the use of digital and social media to document the political participation of women as voters in Egypt. The consultant is also expected to deliver field training workshops in specific governorates and communities to be agreed upon with UN Women Political Empowerment Program and provide technical support and overall supervision the final products, videos and reports captured focusing on the current political process.

The consultant will be working in close partnership with local civil society organizations, youth movements, volunteers, media, social media activists, political parties and other relevant partners.

The Consultant, will work as part of the political empowerment team and Youth Programme under the supervision of the Country Programme Manager.

Summary of Key Functions

  • Conduct filed-based research focusing on role of women as active citizen journalists, field reporters, local media activists and active voters to be an integrated part of the training module;

  • Design and produce an interactive gender sensitive training module addressing women human rights, women political participation and citizen journalism;

  • A total of at least 4 training workshops conducted in selected governorates in Upper Egypt in partnership with Women Political Program – UN Women in partnership with local NGOs and youth movements;

  • Establish partnership with at least 4 local and/or national civil society partners established to facilitate training workshops and provide access to local youth community;

  • Provide ongoing follow-up and support to active youth trainers while documenting the political participation process on the ground and assess their individual and group video product;

  • Support the production of a final visual and written report covering all forms of violations of female political participation at the upcoming Presidential elections in the selected governorates and communities;

  • Support the preparation of a national launching ceremony highlighting the lessons learned of the process and the most important outcomes of the report.


The Digital Media Consultant will be responsible to deliver the following:

  • Design and produce a professional training manual targeting young professionals/journalists/activists/human rights defenders working in the field of women political participation to document, observe and analyze the political participation of women and its socio-cultural dimension in Upper Egypt;

  • 4 training workshops in selected communities in Upper Egypt conducted in partnership with UN Women political empowerment program for young professionals from local civil society organizations and digital activists. Reports to be submitted to UN Women following each workshop;

  • Supervise the overall video documentation process covering the upcoming presidential elections, providing trainees with guidance and support to produce evidence-based video documentation of the process;

  • Provide technical support to local partners in establishing online portals to archive and promote the project material and related videos;

  • Submit final report to UN Women Egypt CO.

View the ECN Sub-Contracting Notice (accessible by ECN Executive and Expert Members - Login to View).

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