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International Organisation hiring Investigative Media Adviser

Albania, 23 June 2016

Summary of Position

International Organisation seeks an Investigative Media Adviser for a USAID-funded Improved Court Performance Project in Albania. The goal of the project is to improve Albanian courts' performance through increased court efficiency, transparency and accountability. The Investigative Media Adviser will be embedded with the Association of Journalists for Justice (AJJ) to provide capacity building advice, day-to-day editorial support, and subject matter expertise to AJJ and the investigative journalism component as a whole for the first two years of the project.

Summary of Responsibilities:

  • Focus on building citizen demand for reduction of corruption, fraud, and other criminal activities by increasing exposure of these activities through investigative journalism

  • Provide training, technical assistance, capacity building, and financial support to the Association of Journalists for Justice (AJJ) to help it grow into a reputable investigative journalism organization

  • Link the AJJ with other journalists from the region to create collaborative and regionally significant content, and to produce more complete investigative stories that shed better light on the magnitude of transnational crimes affecting the Balkan region and beyond

  • Develop partnerships between the AJJ and other national and regional networks and NGOs to ensure peer-to-peer relationships to produce collaborative, cross border content, and regional stories

  • Support other investigative journalism NGOs to assure a more complex investigative journalism, including investigation of economic crimes, is conducted according to high professional standards

  • Establish an interactive fact-checking service to provide comprehensive, nonpartisan information on the accuracy and truthfulness of the published and aired information that is of special interest to the public

Submission Deadline: 11 July 2016

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