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International Organisation hiring Social Protection EU Expertise in Development Cooperation Programme Director

Brussels, Belgium, 23 October 2015

Field of activity

SOCIEUX – Social Protection EU Expertise in Development Cooperation is a technical assistance facility set up and funded by the European Commission's Directorate for International Cooperation and Development (EuropeAid) to support the efforts of low and middle income countries worldwide in the reform, development and extension of their social protection systems. Being demand-driven, SOCIEUX works through short-term and peer-to-peer technical inputs delivered by social protection experts/practitioners drawn primarily from the European Union Member States' public administrations and mandated bodies. SOCIEUX contributes to implementing the Communication on Social Protection in EU Development Cooperation (August 2012) and its subsequent Council Conclusions. EuropeAid plans to extend the duration of the first phase of SOCIEUX (ending on 1st April 2016) until the end of the year 2016. The current holder of the Team Leader position will not be available anymore for this extension period; SOCIEUX is therefore looking for a replacement of the current Team Leader for the duration of the programme extension. As it is also planned by EuropeAid to continue the programme beyond 2016 within the frame of an enlarged technical assistance facility for employment and social protection affairs, there is potential for the new Team Leader to pursue his assignment for a period of 4 years in the frame of a new contract as from 2017.


Under the supervision of the Programme Director the Team Leader will take over following duties:

  • Overall responsibility for daily management of the programme

  • Management, guidance and supervision of the SOCIEUX team in daily programme implementation

  • Responsibility for the processing of requests for technical assistance (TA) submitted by institutions of partner countries within the frame of fixed procedures and deadlines. This responsibility is shared with other team members, in particular the Programme Officer according to geographical areas and knowledge of foreign languages. This involves: analysis and fine-tuning of requests in consultation with the requesting institution, EU Commission services and external donors; formulation and development of individual TA actions for submission of approval by EU Commission services; identification and mobilisation of experts; coordination and preparation of implementation of individual TA actions in liaison with involved experts and beneficiary institutions (with support of other team members); monitoring, evaluation and follow-up of TA actions

  • Coordination of further development/revisions of the programme's procedures and tools where necessary (including the IT based Project Management Tool)

  • Liaison with external stakeholders and contribution to the implementation of communication and visibility activities of the programme

  • Preparation of and participation to monthly meetings with the EU Commission and meetings of the Programme Steering Committee (every 6 months)

  • Responsible for programme reporting towards the EU Commission (elaboration of quarterly/final reports) according to deadlines

The described tasks involve the necessity to network and interact with a multiplicity of institutions from EU and third countries, EU Commission services and external donors and require readiness and ability to travel abroad when necessary.

Submission Deadline:  10 November 2015

View the ECN Subcontracting Notice (This notice is visible only to ECN Executive and Expert Members: Please login to view).

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