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Maintenance and Development of the EU Labour Market Policy Statistical Database

Brussels, Belgium, 23 October 2018

Subject of the contract

The project concerns the overall production of LMP statistics, i.e. data collection including methodological and harmonisation aspects as well as technical aspects related to the maintenance of the LMP application and its use.

Objectives of the contract

  • The Contractor is expected to carry out the annual data collection from the 28 Member States (and presently Norway), and ensure sound validation of the data and preparation of final processed data for dissemination.

  • The tool for data collection and validation, the LMP application, needs to be maintained and further developed according to new methodological developments; additionally some improvements could be needed.

  • The contract also includes preparing LMP statistics for dissemination (online database, statistical reports, contributions to various publications, contribution to Commission working papers and a web note).

  • Work also includes further developments such as improvements to the existing methodological guidelines, participation in methodological meetings with the European Commission and the Member States, and providing advice to the European Commission’s DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, and other internal (e.g. DG Economic and Financial Affairs) and external users of the data (notably OECD which collects similar data for its non-EU Member countries).

  • The Contractor has to ensure the regular annual production of LMP statistics required by the European Commission according to the well-defined schedule. The Contractor has to dispose of the necessary expertise and IT resources to ensure a high quality of all activities related to the collection, validation, quality assurance and dissemination of LMP statistics as well as their further methodological development.

  • The Contractor also has to ensure that the LMP application which is used for data collection and validation is operational throughout the contract. Under the supervision of the European Commission (DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion) the Contractor shall carry out the tasks independently and interact regularly with the European Commission in various ways: email, telephone, meetings, etc.


On the basis of an annual work programme to be proposed by the Contractor and to be fine-tuned with DG EMPL during the kick –off meeting, the Contractor will carry out the tasks identified below. The Contractor is expected to be responsive to requests and needs of DG EMPL, allowing adjustments to the work programme in response to changing policy needs.

  • Task 1: Annual LMP data production

  • Task 2: Dissemination of LMP statistics

  • Task 3: Maintenance and improvement of the LMP application

  • Task 4: Support to methodological developments of LMP statistics

  • Task 5: Reporting on LMP statistics and related activities

  • Task 6: Assistance to national training seminars

  • Task 7: LMP Expert Group and Task Force

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