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International Organisation hiring Senior Marketing and Outreach Programme Officer

Rome, Italy, 24 February 2016

Key Results

Leadership and coordination in support of the mobilization of voluntary contributions including through South-South Cooperation for projects, focusing on agriculture, rural development, food and nutrition security, and resilience; facilitation/negotiation/formalisation of grant agreements; decentralized network on South-South Cooperation/Resource Mobilization coordination; capacity development and programming support and marketing; outreach and reporting to partners.

Key Functions

  • Manages and lead specialized team(s) and, plan and develop annual work plans to achieve Divisional targets;

  • Leads strategic thinking and prepare related plans to further develop and facilitate implementation of the Corporate Resource Mobilization and Management Strategy (RMMS) as well as South-South Cooperation partnership strategy;

  • Collaborates with and ensure support to International Organisation’s Strategic Objectives teams, headquarters departments and Decentralized Offices to mobilize resources and South-South Cooperation partnerships in line with defined corporate priorities;

  • Initiates contact with potential partners to explore funding opportunities, lead negotiations of funding agreements and project proposals with governments, international organizations, private sector and civil society partners; maintain effective working relationships with key stakeholders throughout the project cycle, including to support implementation, facilitate monitoring and compliance issues and ensure submission of reports, as required;

  • Leads capacity development efforts in support of staff in all locations with regard to Resource Mobilization and South-South Cooperation partnerships through policy development, the production of training material and delivery of training;

  • Manages donor marketing and resource mobilization planning activities in support of the Strategic Programme Teams; facilitate donor meetings, events and outreach and visibility initiatives, in coordination with OCC;

  • Facilitates the global Resource Mobilization and South-South Cooperation functional networks and ensure support is provided to Regional Initiatives teams; monitor and report on key results;

  • Represents the Organization in meetings with government officials, partners and donors in order to advocate for strategic partnerships; represent TCS on organization-wide committees and working groups.

Specific functions

  • Provides overall leadership and coordination for TCS Team 3 – Marketing, Outreach and Reporting

  • Leads the development of marketing and outreach plans, in close coordination with OCC, for public sector fundraising for the achievement of International Organisation’s strategic objectives

  • Leads efforts to enhance the funding portfolio of International Organisation in support of priority countries and programs

  • Leads TCS engagement with the International Organisation Strategic Program Teams to ensure that marketing and outreach activities are fully aligned with and support International Organisation’s strategic framework

  • Supervises the work of the SO5 Outreach team

  • Supervises the work of the TCS Reporting Unit to ensure timely and accurate trust fund project reporting to donors

  • Supervises the Programme Officer – Market Intelligence, to conduct analyses and studies that will inform and guide International Organisation resource mobilization efforts

  • Supervises TCS activities for capacity development in the area of resource mobilization, especially for decentralized offices

Fixed-Term, 2 years

Submission Deadline: 3 March 2015

View the ECN Subcontracting Notice (This notice is visible only to ECN Executive and Expert Members: Please login to view).

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