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British Council recruiting Needs Analysis Consultant

Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, 24 February 2017

About the project

The British Council People to People project aims to create communities in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania that are socially cohesive, have a strong affinity for Baltic, UK and European values and culture and are resilient to destabilising influences and narratives. As a result of the project, individuals from diverse linguistic communities will have greater opportunity for personal and professional development in areas related to 21st Century Skills, including English language skills.

As part of this project, the British Council aims to support the development of these skills through a programme which supports teachers, teacher educators and school leaders in the Baltic state school systems. This includes capacity building and support for teacher continuing professional development (CPD). Central to this is Teaching for Success, the British Council approach to teacher education.

About the role

We are seeking a consultant to investigate current professional development provision, and to analyse teacher and teacher educator beliefs, practices and needs, with particular focus on English language teaching and the teaching of 21st Century Skills. The role will include field visits to training centres and schools, observations of training/teaching, and interviews with key stakeholders. Focus groups with teachers and teacher educators, interviews with head teachers and learners, and online teacher/teacher educator questionnaires, will be completed in advance of this consultancy and the data which has been gathered will be integrated into the final reports.

Three reports will be produced, summarising the current situation in each of the Baltic States and suggesting recommendations for future action. These reports will provide the basis for dialogue with local stakeholders and inform the design of the eventual programme. The reports produced will be structured around the Teaching for Success approach and will utilise tools developed as part of this.

The reports will:

  • describe the current system and practices used in pre-service and in-service teacher education

  • assess current teaching practices, beliefs and needs of teachers and learners in primary and secondary schools

  • assess the needs of teacher educators and school or institution heads/leaders in order to support a system of continuing professional development

  • identify areas for development in the professional practices of teachers in schools and education institutions

  • ascertain teacher confidence in integrating 21st century skills into their curriculum and their ability to deliver this

  • ascertain teacher confidence in assessing the competence levels of their pupils in terms of skills development

  • identify other factors in the wider education system that influence teacher performance

  • review and analyse existing data, including preliminary research reports and project documentation, government reports, and non-governmental reports.

It is envisaged that the role will require 20 working days:

  • four days for initial research

  • ten days for field visits

  • six days for review and report writing.

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